Friday, December 28, 2007

I know, I know....

Okay. I realize I shouldn't be posting so much in one day, but today has been extremely uneventful. G & I finished 'Lost' Season 3 last night (amazing, by the way)and since we went into hibernation to watch the whole thing in 4 days...we kinda don't know what to do now! And since Meg, Jon & my Mom say they are reading this, I will post some Christmas pics and then I am done...I swear.

Speaking of Meg, she is awesome. How awesome? She single handily saved my life and saved Christmas yesterday when she helped me get into a store after hours and make an "urgent" (well, urgent to me) exchange. Buddy, you are the best buddy.

Christy holding my gift to her...My very first craft! Thanks to Jennie for the inspiration! She is the crafter queen...hopefully she will post some of her creations on her blog and share with us her brilliance.
Such a great pic...look at Mo Mo's face! She looks like a gopher.G, Me, & the gentlemen...enjoying some Christmas love.
G, me, Tyler, Jennie, Heidi and Eric showing off our Christmas gifts. They were a present to help us get ready for our trip to Hawaii in February!
G & My brothers sporting their lovely Christmas sweaters. Is it just me, or are some "2 sizes too small"?"Lobby" the Lobster and K sweetheart. Lobby was left on our doorstep as a Christmas prank. He was then burned at the steak in a pot of boiling water. I couldn't watch. R.I.P. Lobby. You will be missed.

Merry Christmas & thanks to all my friends for saying nice things about my blog. I heart you.

Obsessed with Newport

I was organizing some pictures and I came across this..

Just a little something to think of when you are trying to unfreeze your car from the road. I wish I were there!

I bit the apple!

First off, I would just like to say that I am a girl of many obsessions; hunting for sales, reading 'Your Heart Out' religiously and baking chocolate chip cookies, to name a few. One obsession few people know about is my obsession with writing. I love to write. I love to read what other people write and I love to get caught up in books, poems, and now...blogs.
For the past 3 months, I have spent countless hours exploring the world that is " Blogspot." I am blown away by all of the witty, insightful and inspiring blogs I have come across. I knew immediately that I had to convert. I ran the idea past my hubby a few months ago, as causally as I possibly could. "It could be fun," "Great way to stay in touch with family and friends," "I could just post something every few months"...I used all of my best persuasion techniques, I showed him amazing blogs created by our family and friends, I held my breath...but just as I predicted, he was appalled by the idea. Using the weak excuse of "I don't want to be on the Internet," (?) he shot down my appeals every time. It was clear, he wasn't into it. I couldn't make an "Olsen Family" blog, only a "Jessica Blog," which was not what I wanted.
Fast forward, 2 months later, I'm browsing through my inbox when what do I see? An email from our friends, Bryan & Kiersti. They've joined the blogging world. Thrilled, I click on the link and drag G into the office. "Look! Bryan has a blog!" I tell him, sure that this will be the push he needs. To my disappointment, he laughs at my attempt and life goes on.
Fast forward again, I'm sitting at work when I get an email from my sister-in-law, Jennie. She excitingly tell me that she took the plunge. "That's it!" I think, "I'm starting a blog!" Jennie is married to G's best friend and twin brother. If he has a blog, my hubby needs to jump on the wagon.

So here I am.

Respecting my husband's wish to "not be on the Internet," I have decided to give him an alias. From here on out, I will lovingly refer to him as G. Just forget that you know exactly who I am talking about.
I am excited to share some of the random moments that make up my life with you, and hopefully I can make you obsessed with some of my obsessions as well!

I finally bit the apple!