Monday, May 19, 2008


I have always been someone who needs change.

If I stand in the same place for too long, I start to fiddle and twitch and wonder what it's like on the other side of the fence. If I'm in school, I want to be working. If I'm working, I want to be in school. If we rent, I want to own. If we own, I talk about how wonderful it was to rent. Surely the grass is greener on the other side. It's always greener, right?

Marriage hit me like a ton of bricks in that retrospect. Marriage, while exciting in it's own right, is a lot of the same. We go to work, we come home, we eat dinner across the table and I consistently rest my feet on top of G's. We watch our shows, we play with our dogs, we snuggle until we fall asleep. And then we get up and we do it again. And again. And again. And again. Until the weekend, when we like to switch it up a bit. Marriage...exciting, yes. Fun, yes. A lot of the same...YES.

During our first year of marriage, I spent a lot of time trying to counter act this repetitiveness. Before G, my life was dramatic, spontaneous, spur-of the moment, a little crazy. G was the calm to the huge storm I called my life. He had a stillness about him that I didn't. He made me feel a calmness that had never been part of who I was.

While having a conversation with friends the other day about marriage and being a newlywed and everything that comes with it, I came to the realization that I finally feel like I know what I am doing and I am really enjoying and savoring my everyday life. We spend so much time looking forward to change. If only I can get to this position, that phase of my life, this moment...that is when my life will really begin. I have wasted so much time dreaming about tomorrow, I forgot to savor today.

These past six months of my life have been amazing. And not because anything significant has happened, I am just really learning to love where I'm at. I am a young wife enjoying her first few years with her husband. I am a worker, a student, a friend, a companion. I am someone who goes to work everyday and does a lot of the same. I clean and re-clean my home because it just doesn't seem to stay clean, I go to bed at 10:30, because G has to get up at 6, I consistently fall more and more in love with my family everyday, I look up new recipes in my spare time, I watch the food network, I plan family night, I become more and more of a nerd.

And I love it.

There is nothing sweeter than falling asleep next to your best friend. Or coming home to 3 guys who can't wait to see you walk through the door. Or cooking a favorite dinner, because you know that he will appreciate it. There is nothing sweeter than scripture study across the table, or laughing at our inside jokes or a secret hand shake. There is nothing sweeter than watching movies in bed and chatting about nothing or teaching our dogs to roll over and shake, and never being so proud. There is nothing sweeter than this little life we have created, than our memories, our traditions, our moments. Just the two of us.

There is no where I'd rather be than here with G. With the person who makes me smile when I've had a hard day, or keeps things in perspective or cheers me on when I get an A on a paper. I love the way he lets me vent to him and knows that I just need a listening ear, not a solution, I love that he always sees the side of every situation that I don't. I love that I feel more complete when he is near me. I love that we have created this little life. Together. That in our short marriage, we have become more alike, and not more different.

I am finally learning to live in the now.

Someday, I'll be a mother. Someday, I'll be a college graduate. Someday, I'll have the job I've dreamed of. But right now, I am happy being where I am. In this moment.

Right now, I'm happy with today.

He's a whole new man...

In case you care, Jacky Bauer is sporting a new do these days. On Saturday, I decided to clip him (like I do every few months), but I got a little scissor happy and this happened:

We love his new haircut because he is now softer and more huggable (if you thought that was possible), not to mention, now he seems a gazillion times cleaner.

If you see J, please don't laugh at his new haircut. He is feeling a bit self conscious with his new nakedness. Personally, I don't care what he looks like. He is my favorite little buddy, ever.

Friday, May 16, 2008

In case my list of 100 things didn't do it for you.

I've Been Tagged by Carlye...Lucky you!

1. My blissful second year of marriage and darling G.
2. A new calling in my ward & a new job at work. Feeling refreshed.
3. A new pair of True Religions. (sorry, I'm shallow, but they are bringing me joy!)

2. Someone breaking into my house (although I have to say, I have matured in leaps & bounds over the past 5 months & am not nearly as scared as I used to be)
3. Upsetting anyone, disappointing anyone, failure, failure, failure.

1. Graduate from College
2. Start running again
3. Spiritual goals

1. I collect Thank you cards & Blank note cards, because I always seem to be using them.
2. I obsess over a clean house and nothing makes me happier.
3. I obsess over everything I eat.

Random Surprising Facts...
1. My fingernails are black right now.
2. The other day I woke up early enough for work, that I had time to watch an entire episode of Grey's Anatomy before I even got ready. (This will surprise anyone who has ever lived with me)
3. I sometimes buy baby clothes/supplies, even though I don't have a baby.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Do not miss the season finale of The Office tonight! It is supposed to be "shocking" and I will need plenty of friends to discuss and re-discuss the Jam moments with. Are we going to get a proposal (i hope so), a promotion (possibly), a death (no!)?

Prepare to be shocked!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jon is going to make fun of this post.

Dear little Toby & Jack Jack,

Thank you for always being happy to see me when I come home.

Even though I've left you alone for hours by yourselves,
and really, you should probably be mad at me.

Thanks for smushing your little monkey face against the window.

Everyone deserves to come home to a face like that.

And I am sorry that whenever I take a picture of you with my camera,
your eyes glow green and you look like an alien.

And I am sorry, Jack, that you sort of look like an alien anyways.
Don't listen to the people who call you ugly.

You are the cutest.

Thanks for thinking you are big...even though you are insanely little.

Thanks for that little face and those perfect paws.

I can't get enough of those paws.

Thanks for making me happy.
Even when I've had a really bad day.

Like today.

You guys were worth every penny.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Here are some pictures from Mother's Day this year, just in case you were wondering if I was ever going to post something with pictures again!

Mother's Day was such a great day and none of the things I cooked were disgusting, so it was a HUGE success! I can cook just fine for G, but as soon as you give me the pressure of cooking for someone else (especially my brothers-in-law) I get so nervous and screw up! But, everything survived the oven and turned out scrumptious.

I just have to say that the relationship Mo has with her uncles is unbelievable. She adores them. Mo got a little sore on her foot and she ran to Jon for comfort & guess what my brother did??? He kissed the sore! That's right, he kissed the bottom of her foot before he gave her a band aid. If that isn't love, I seriously don't know what is.

Molly, Jack & Toby are finally getting along. Molly is a grumpy old fart (but I love her, Mom!) and she didn't like the pups for a very long time...but she is finally starting to play with them. Here is the proof! Isn't K handsome??? I think so. And so do the ladies, for that matter.

My Mom really loved all of our presents and teared up several times. You really can't consider it a success unless you get her crying! Just kidding, Mom!

Speaking of my amazing Mom, she surprised Christy, Mo and I with these adorable aprons that she sewed. She couldn't wait to give them to us and teared up as she told us how much time and love had gone into them. We love her so much. She is so talented...everything she creates is just amazing. I have been wanting an apron for so long and love mine! I wore it last night as I cooked dinner and I felt way cooler.

Check out Morgan's apron, too, it is probably the cutest thing you will ever see.

I had to publish this picture of the backyard, because it means the return of badmitten 08! We all play badmitten in the backyard during the summer and I am so happy the net is finally going up!

Towards the end of the night, Mo asked G to bring her some chocolate milk and come watch Little Princess with her. They were so cute together..I'm glad I snapped a picture. She loves him and always notices if I come over to my parent's house without him.

I also just had to post this picture of my Mo & Andy. Aren't they so cute together? They look so much alike. He loves her so much and is such a great Dad.

Thanks Dad (that's right, my Dad cooked the whole meal -well, besides what Christy & I brought-) for the delicious dinner! We love you!

We had a great time..Times like these just make me so excited for the day when I will become a Mom. It feels like it is still millions of years away, but for now, I am enjoying the alone time with my handsome husband. We have so much fun together every day and he is constantly doing little things to make me smile. I am really enjoying this phase of our lives together.

For pictures of the Mother's Day events with G's family, check out Jennie's blog and thanks for still supporting me through my picture drought!

Oh, and by the way, YESSSSSSSSSS about Matt choosing Shayne! By the end of the finale I was seriously DONE with Chelsea. She bugs. It was the best Bachelor ending in a long time!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

10 things I LOVE about my Mom:

10. She is thoughtful. She never forgets to call if you've had a test, a doctor's appointment, or a bad day.
9. She always calls to check on my dogs. Usually several times a day, if they are sick or hurt. She adores them, which means so much to me.
8. She has a great sense of style. I have borrowed her shoes and jewelry my whole life. She can pull any outfit together and is the best shopping buddy you could ask for.
7. She is silly and has a great sense of humor. She calls our family a fam-dam and me, bozybon.
6. She makes everything she touches beautiful. There is no one who is more creative or more talented when it comes to creating anything or decorating. She has impeccable taste.
5. She loves my dad and sets a great example for me by taking the time with him she needs and deserves. She is quick to plan a date for them and tells us how much she loves him.
4. She makes every little event special. Holiday dinners at her house are a treat, because they usually include costumes and prizes! She cooks for her family of 10 every single Sunday.
3. She believes that family is the most important thing we have. She always encouraged us to support each other, spend time with each other and genuinely love each other. It is because of that, that I consider my 4 brothers, 4 of my very best friends. She made us love to spend time together, which we always have. Even when my parents go out of town, the kids still get together by ourselves to eat and hang out, because my Mom has created that kind of closeness in our family.
2. She is everyones friend. She makes everyone feel loved, appreciated and special. You don't have to know her for more than 5 minutes to feel loved by her.
1. She is my very best friend in the world and has made my life so wonderful. Growing up, I always wished I had a sister, but I soon realized that my Mom was all I needed. She means everything to me and I love her!

10 things I LOVE about my Mother-in-law:

10. She is selfless and she has a giving heart. She spends nearly all of her time serving those around her. She is also willing to sacrifice time with her sweet husband if he needs to be helping one of his sons or brothers.
9. She is a hard worker and sets a great example for me that way. You never hear her complain, she just gets the job done.
8. She is such a loving and devoted Grandma who can't get enough of her cute grandbabby. It is so fun to watch the two of them together!
7. She raised an honest and kind son, that I now get to spend the rest of my life with!
6. She is a talented cook and always makes us delicious meals! She has taught me lots about cooking already!
5. She is a great person to talk to or get advice from. Both Greg and I value her advice very much.
4. She was the only woman in a house full of men for many many years...That says a lot about her!
3. She is devoted to her family and takes care of the people she loves. She will bend over backwards for anyone and is such a great mother.
2. She is quick to giggle and laugh and is light-hearted and sweet.
1. She welcomed me into her family with open arms and I love her!

Happy Mother's Day to both of you!


Friday, May 9, 2008

eye candy.

this is my worst nightmare!
ps...i am completely out of blog material (shhh...don't tell)
and NO, i did not take this picture...this is NOT at my house!
If this had been at my house I would have killed myself by now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Further Proof...

For all 7 of you who read this post about that one time I almost burned down my kitchen, what I have here is further proof that wax paper is, indeed, intended to line baking sheets and go in the oven, and is not supposed to start on fire.

My Mom laughed when she read that post because, "Jess! You are thinking of something else! Wax paper does not go in the oven!"

Well then why, dear Mother, does it say this on the box?

No wonder I got confused!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey K, You're famous!

My brother, Jon, is constantly coming up with brilliant ideas. The other day, he called me to tell me that he had decided to create a Wikipedia page for my little brother, Scotty. I wasn't sure if he was serious, but sure enough, up went the Wikipedia page! Unfortunately, once the Wikipedia people saw it & realized it was a joke, they deleted it, but here is what it said:

Scott Richard Moffitt is the tiniest baby in the Moffitt family. Hewas born on March 14th, 1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott has many nicknames including Scotty, Keiki, Scotty 2 Hotty the Naughty Body Scotty and Teen but his favorite nickname is Scooter. Scotty is basically the smartest kid alive except for that one class that he took about Politics that he got an A- in. He will despise politics for the rest of his life, naturally... Scotty is currently a Senior at Brighton High School and also attends the surgical tech program offered by Salt Lake Community College I think. Scotty is sooo popular at school, especially with the ladies. No matter where he goes he ha sat least three girls with him in case he gets bored with one or two.He has been to every dance possible and secretly has a lot of dance moves. He even likes to go to "stomps" which sometimes evolve into wet-shirt contests. Scott loves cats and beings friends to everyone. His favorite is Tessa. They like to sleep together and cuddle in the morning when they wake up. Scott also loves the baby fish that he helps raise and doesn't mind Molly like the rest of us. Scott likes to lotion in the winter and uses hairspray sometimes. He used to have cancer of the fingers but he grew out of that. He wants to become surgeon or a doctor or something so maybe his finger cancer is where that desire came from. All I know is he watches doctors perform operations on people on the Internet and it is gross.

Oh, Jon!!!!