Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and yes.

at work. the day i cut THE BANGS.

i did cut bangs.
after an awesome dance party in the living room with g.
at 1 in the morning.
2 friday nights ago.

i walked into the bathroom & saw scissors.
so i picked them up.
and cut bangs.
all by myself (well, g helped a little bit).

they weren't so bad.
i even wore them to church.

later, christy fixed them for me.
because g said
they were very crooked.

not sure how they look on me yet.
the verdict is still out.

thanks for noticing.
i love you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


from her...
and him.
pumpkin carvers: the u helmet-ry, happy halloween-jess, evil clown-greg, cat- jon & scott
we hope it's a spooky one!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

devil's potion.

Yesterday after work, I stopped in to the grocery store to grab a bottle of eye makeup remover. I had run out that morning & sad as it is, I can't live without the stuff. The mascara I use is as waterproof as can be & I literally cannot get it off my face without some sort of remover. Not wanting to come to work the next day looking like a dead person, I hurried & made the stop. Normally, I use Neutrogena eye makeup remover (I know, I know, you care so much. I promise I have a point) but this time, the store didn't carry any. Not wanting to make another trip, I grabbed this bottle of Covergirl Clean makeup remover & didn't think twice about it.

This morning, I went through my regular routine, but when I went to put this new potion under my eyes to remove last nights remnants, I was horrified at what it did to my face! As soon as I applied it, my eyes swelled up like balloons and my face lit on fire (not even kidding, flames). Horrified that the stuff was burning my flesh off, I quickly doused my face with cold water in an attempt to save myself. Nothing. I rubbed my face in a towel. Nothing. I quickly ran upstairs to retrieve the fire extinguisher....

Joking. What I really did was sit in bathroom for at least 5 minutes with a washcloth over my face and hoped for the flames to burn out. But alas, they never did.

I am spending the majority of today with huge red bags under my eyes & smoking flesh. I write this post only to warn you about the effects of this devil's potion. Don't use the stuff unless it's Halloween & your goal is to look like a zombie. I look like one today, but unfortunately Halloween is still a week away.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the past two days.

number of times Jacky B. has barfed on our bed: 2
number of times Jacky B. has barfed on his bed: 2
number of times Jacky B. has barfed on our carpet: 3
number of times Jacky B. has barfed in our tub: 1
number of times he had done other things that you seriously don't want to know about: 3
hours of sleep G & I got Monday night: 3
hours of sleep G & I got last night: 4
loads of laundry we've done at 3 in the morning: 2
number of hours Jack has cried & whined with discomfort: 48
number of times I wished I could stay home with him & rub his sick little belly all day: 8 million

get well soon, my little J.
I love you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

save bentley.

My friend, Liz, asked me to help spread the word about this sad story involving her close friend's dog, Bentley. Bentley escaped his owner's backyard once & animal control took hold of him & now wants to put him to death because he is a pitbull that "poses a threat to the community". As an animal owner myself, I can say that my pups have escaped my backyard once or twice, but luckily don't wander far from my house. It happens to the best of us & it doesn't mean we don't love our animals. Animal control is assuming that just because this dog is a pitbull, he is dangerous, but those who know & love him (including my friend) say that he is harmless. It is ridiculous that the authorities think this dog, that has never hurt a soul, should be killed.

Visit the site & sign the petition.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

why hello there, lover.

Keely tagged me (thanks, girl) to post the 4th photo from the 4th folder in my pictures file. My pictures are organized by the date they were uploaded to the computer and the 4th folder is from about a week and a half ago, with the 4th picture being this one of my lover. Are you tired of me saying "4", yet? Me too.

I don't really know what to say about this picture, except that this is my husband and his name is Gregory John and I love him so much that sometimes I feel like I am going to burst.

This picture was taken right after he got home from work & I told him I wanted to capture him in his "cute outfit" before he changed. G hates dressing up & kind of hates wearing clothes (especially jeans) in general, although he does enjoy shopping for them. Anyways, the first thing he does when we get home is take off whatever he was wearing and put on a pair of basketball shorts & a t-shirt. This has always been bizarre to me, I guess because I am the complete opposite. I stay in what I am wearing all day long. He tried to say it was a guy thing, but I know that is a lie, because I grew up with 4 (there's that number again!) brothers and none of them stripped as soon as they got home. Granted, I can understand wanting to change out of dress pants & a tie, but G changes even if he is in shorts & a t-shirt and we just got back from the park. And it's noon.

Anyways, I captured him all dressed up for the day, but as you can see he is already un-tucking his shirt. You have to act fast if you want to see him in his work-day attire because he pretty much opens the front door & takes off his pants all in one fluid motion.

Pretty much, I really really love my husband.

Now, I would like to tag each and every one of you. And if you all don't follow through & accept my tag, my feelings will be severely hurt and I will think this equates to you hating me. And next time we see each other it will be unbearably awkward because we will both be thinking the same thing, "She didn't accept my tag." And you will have to apologize profusely for offending me, but most likely I won't accept your apology and our friendship will be destroyed forever. Ha! How's that for a guilt trip?

The End.

Friday, October 17, 2008


70 bucks. 30 bucks.
100 bucks.
29 bucks.
i heart you target. let's be lovers.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i almost always say the wrong thing.

almost always.

today, i went to lunch with jackson w. (grandpa) and his bff's. they meet at la cocina once a month for lunch for the past 20 years.

amazing to me. what incredible friendships.

back at work, i was telling dene about my lunch-time adventure. she offered me a cookie. i declined, saying, "i ate way too much mexican food for lunch."

"where did you go for lunch?" she asked.

"lean cuisine", i responded.

lean cuisine???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

memory lane.

I have seen this on a couple of blogs (thanks k) & thought it was a fun idea. I would love to hear some of the memories you all have. And yes, I am bracing myself.

First, leave a comment on my blog about a memory that you have with me, then do this on your blog and I'll leave a memory I have with you.

Here we go!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

birthday boy(s). the recap.

G's birthday went off without a hitch & I think he enjoyed it almost as much as I did!

He was thrilled to see a chocolate fudge cake waiting for him on the counter & happy to try on his new U of U sweatshirt. Greg is not a birthday person. He would have no hard feelings whatsoever if I didn't even acknowledge his birthday. But, as I've mentioned before, I am Greg's polar opposite. He knew when he signed the marriage certificate that he would have to deal with over-the-top, obnoxious birthday's celebrations for the rest of his life. And so, when he walked through the front door and saw that I had crate papered our entire living room, he forced a smile like he does every year. My crazy love of holidays is growing on him....I just know it!

On a more serious note, another birthday means another chance for me to gush about him (are you guys getting sick of this yet? too bad). G has brought so much happiness into my life. He is my favorite person & my best friend. Someone I look up to & someone I want to be more like. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to share my life with.

The first birthday G & I shared together was mine in March of 2006. We had only been dating for about 4 months, but we were falling in love fast. I will always remember what he wrote on my birthday card. "I can't wait to spend many more birthdays together." It was a bold move,
but he was right.

We will spend many more birthdays together and I can't wait, either. Happy Birthday, G, I love you.

And Also...
Yesterday was also Tyler's birthday
Happy Birthday to Ty!
We love you, Ty, you are our favorite twin brother!

Monday, October 13, 2008


today is my gregory's birthday.

this will be waiting for him when he gets home:

when i talked to him on the phone today at work he said,

g: "Did you make me my chocolate cake?"

me: "No, I didn't have time. I was up at that Park City training all day."
(which I was, but I still woke up early & pulled it off).

g: "Dang. I have been thinking of that cake all day.
Maybe we could get some cake somewhere after dinner."

me: "Maybe. Sorry, wish I had time"


stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

blogging on my lunch break.

observations of my home as I left it this morning:

mrs. gregory j. olsen was here.
(this one was too big to kill. had to go back to my old method.)
g was here.
and here.
wife was here. (g thinks this many pillows is unnecessary)
and here.
gjo was here.
jacky b. was here.
but, jessica lee was here.
gregory j. was here.
ober o. was here.
and j was here.
the end.
(kinda fun, you should give it a go.)

had to snap a pic for my lover.
me, before i head back to work. finally cold enough to wear the yellow jacket.
i love it, gjo.

Friday, October 3, 2008

last night.

g & i changed into pajamas right after dinner.

him in soccer shorts.
me in sweats.

grabbed a bowl of pistachios & one extra for the shells
turned on the lamps & climbed into bed.

we watched the vice presidential debates together. the whole thing.
and i was interested & entertained & involved for the very first time.

you could tell g was loving every moment-seeing me grow more passionate about this thing that he loves. he would laugh & yell & pause the tv to explain his opinions to me.

and i really listened. and thought about mine, too.

and after it was over, he promised to watch a full episode of jon & kate with me.
to keep things fair.

and he did.

we layed there all night
& laughed & discussed & shared our thoughts
as we munched on nuts and watched the hours pass.

and i thought to myself
that i was lucky

for a night like this one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the gentlemen.

My cute friend from the ward, Rachel, tagged me to post 6 quirks about myself. Since I've already revealed many many quirks about myself in the past (are you guys so sick of me saying this same thing?) I thought I'd alter it a bit a deliver 6 quirks about the gentlemen in my life. Namely, jacky b & ober olsen. Hope you don't mind, Rachel!

1. Toby is a deep sleeper who loves to be under as many covers as possible regardless of the temperature. I can never find him in the morning because he is always buried under piles of blankets. He takes forever to wake up is usually still asleep in his bed when I leave. Jacky, on the other hand, is completely alert & awake the moment he gets up. We are talking running down the hall or out the dog door to get a toy within seconds of the alarm clock going off.
2. Toby gets nervous whenever he sees me get my shoes out of the closet. I think its because he knows that I always put on my shoes before I leave. As soon as I put them on he nips at my ankles all the way to the front door :(. Speaking of morning routines, Jack loves to watch me get ready in the morning. He especially loves to watch me blow dry my hair. He just sits in the hallway and moves his head from side to side (the confused look).
3. Jack loves to bring "presents" in through the dog door from the backyard. When I say presents, I mean, apples with worms in them, walnuts, dirt, sticks, dried up pieces of poop & once...a dead bird. That was a fabulous day. (If this doesn't convince all of you to go out & by a dog RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I don't know what will).
4. Everyone already knows this, but I have never seen a dog who loves to give kisses the way Jack does. He would lick your face all day long if you would let him. He frequently does "air kisses" which consists of him getting so excited he licks the air vigorously (when a face cannot be found). On the other hand, he is only fond of faces, he rarely licks anything else. Toby likes to lick your feet when he wants attention.
5. Toby sort of freezes mid-jump whenever he jumps off of our bed. We call it the "wonder jump" because he looks so noble, almost like a superhero. I seriously don't know how to describe this one- you just have to see it for yourself. Some dogs just sort of fall of the bed, but Toby really gives it his all, his best little jump, with all 4 legs straight out.
6. Jacky can jump at least 4 feet in the air, probably higher. Toby can't even jump onto the couch. Toby eats all of his & Jack's food, but he is teeny tiny, maybe 6 lbs. We never see Jack eat & he weighs at least 11 lbs now. Jack once scaled a rock climbing wall to get to me (it was about 5 ft. tall & I was standing at the top of it). He is a good little climber & mostly, he is just OBSESSED with being exactly where I am.
7. They both know what it means to "find brother". If one is missing, we will ask the other to "find brother", in which he will run off by himself & return with his buddy in tow.
8. Jack only barks when he sees other dogs in our house. He barks at the TV whenever a dog comes on & frequently barks at his reflection in the mirror. Toby growls, yelps & "runs" (twitches his little paws) in his sleep.

9. They both get crazy excited at the mention of the word, "grandmas house" or "park". They both love little kids & our nieces especially. I can always tell that they are trying so hard to be good around the babies.
10. They are both smart, but I just have to say that Jack is an exceptionally smart dog. He understands the emotion in your voice & seriously expresses concern, joy, excitement or sadness on his face. I have never seen a dog with such an expressive face.
In case you can't tell, I love my pups so much. They lift my spirit every day when I come home to them. They are both such good dogs and I feel like they haven't gotten much blog-lovin lately, so here is some love for the gentlemen.

Thanks for the tag, Rachel. If any one's running low on blog material, I would love to hear 6 quirks about you or your kiddos!