Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i was called a "scrooge" today.

by my very own husband.

for the very first time in my life.
{our family christmas tree.
i wasn't home to decorate it, but i still think it is beautiful.
picture by k, he insisted i include that)

i admit i've been having a hard time getting into the christmas spirit this year.
i admit i've cried more often lately than i have in the past two years of my life.
i admit i haven't looked on the bright side of anything.
i admit i even once said, "let's just skip christmas this year" (can you imagine?)

for the first time in my life, i've have had a hard time getting into the christmas spirit. i don't know if it's my grandpa, or the new house, or the lack of sleep/free-time or a combination of everything, but i've been very down lately.

when thinking about this today, i realized that i've been on the receiving end of so many kind & thoughtful acts of service this past week, it's amazing i don't just have the christmas spirit oozing out of me.

for example:

-my family received dinner twice from neighbors this past weekend.
-meg & her parents showed up on a cozy, snowy night with a giant poinsettia in hand (i love poinsettias)
-we have more bouquets of flowers on our counter than we know what to do with.
-i've received many thoughtful texts from all my friends. i love you.
-i got to see long lost faces at the viewing and funeral.
-and felt loved when g's family & the bennetts showed up to show their support. thank you.
-i got to spend time with my darling grandmother and be uplifted by her strength.
-i had the opportunity to appreciate my life & the people in it.
-someone brought us poppy seed bread.
-and oranges.
-and caramels.
-and cards.
-g took a day off.
-and actually said, "lets just relax tonight". (yes! hasn't happened forever)

all of these things remind me of christmas and make me so grateful for this time of year. and i plan to spend the rest of the month thinking of ways to focus on christmas' true meaning. i'm going to start with my favorite christmas movie & go from there. who knows, i may even get a mini christmas tree & some twinkle lights for our current digs (brother's old bedroom).

see g? no scrooge here.


  1. You'll be in the spirit before you know it! We should try and go see the lights - nothing like Temple Square at Christmas! We want to take Lo soon, if you guys can find some time in an evening in the future, let me know! I'll let you know when we're going.

  2. Im so sorry about your gpa Jess...I know how you feel. Just try not to let it ruin your Christmas, he'd want you to be happy for the holiday's!


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