Wednesday, December 10, 2008

jennie, jennie, jennie.

it's your birthday...
happy birthday to you!
thank you for being:
-a great sister in law who listens to my rants & raves
-a fabulous mother with a darling bebe
-a talented crafter
-a good example (you totally teach me how to be a good wife & mother -not that i'm a mother, but you know)
-always on top of things (she keeps our family organized!)
-fun to hang out with, whatever the occasion
-always positive & cheerful
-the ultimate party planner
-a devoted beatles/paul fan!
-my go-to-girl for many things: crafting, ideas, what store to go to, etc, etc, etc
-a fabulous cook (love that macaroni salad, sopapilla cheesecake, and the pies!)
-the olsen family event coordinator (seriously, thank you for that!)
-a mini-martha
-my email buddy
-and a great friend!
{hope you don't mind the blog shout out!}
have a fabulous day, my dear!

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  1. you're sweet. Thanks for all the compliments - man, I didn't realize how cool I am!! :) Just kidding :)


thank you for your shout outs!