Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas festivities 2009.

i thought i didn't take any pictures of christmas this year. turns out, i was wrong. we had a great christmas, although i do have to admit it was a little strange to not have scotty there- my family definitely doesn't feel complete without him. we spent christmas eve and christmas morning with the moffitt's and then we headed up to the cabin to spend the rest of the weekend with the olsens. we opened gifts, ate, watched movies, ate some more, snowmobiled and spent time in the snow. my favorite part of christmas was driving a snowmobile all by myself for the very first time. i was terrified and yes, i got us stuck and tipped us once, but in the end, i figured it out. i love both our families so much and i'm glad we got to spend the holiday with everyone.

with that being said, is it okay that i am glad christmas is over? is it okay that i'm glad 2009 is over? 2009 has been rough, i'm ready for 2010. seriously new year, bring it on. i'm ready.

we are headed back up the mountain to welcome the new year with friends & family...
see you in 2010, my dears.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

jonny's benches at first night.

we headed down to the gallivan center last night to see the project that has been keeping my brother up til 4 am every night and forcing him to sleep on my couch because he is too exhausted to drive home. i knew he had been working on two benches, but i didn't know quite what to expect and we were blown away by what we saw. jon is an architecture student at the U and one of the best they've got, because these two benches were chosen over all the other entries from students that were submitted to be featured at the gallivan center for first night. he designed and created them using 600 empty beer bottles and lots of blood, sweat and tears. truly, they are so impressive. if any of you are hitting up first night this weekend, be sure to check them out. so proud of my very talented brother.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i would just like to say.

that it is absolutely ridiculous that i require this many pillows to sleep at night.

can't sleep at all with just one.
i'll struggle with only two.
quite enjoy three,
but four is ideal.

poor husband (he doesn't sleep with any pillows at all).

in other news: doesn't my bed look oh so festive?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

baby, it's {muggy &} cold outside.

this morning, i couldn't see the city through my bedroom windows.
a thick layer off fog crowded the air and hid the sights i usually admire.

i ventured into the living room and found a boy asleep on my couch
he was my brother & he was fully clothed with a puffy coat still zipped to his chin.

i made him eggs and packed him a lunch
and after he left, i met his better half at the mall.

i played santa and bought myself a few things
because i've been extra nice this year, and patient, too.

finally, i drove through the snow to my cozy home
and worked on a few christmas surprises with a pup on my lap.

later, g came home and made me spaghetti with italian sausage
as i danced around the kitchen and sang christmas songs.

it was a good day.

Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas time is here!

in case you were wondering, g is no longer doing this 24 hours a day:

which means more time to do things like this:

  • makayla & mo's dance recitals
  • seeing friends
  • celebrating boo's wedding
  • raclette feast with neighbors
  • christmas programs
  • time with the fams

this week we are finishing up shopping (yup, we aren't done), wrapping gifts, seeing the downtown lights, baking treats and cleaning our little home before santa arrives. so excited!