Monday, January 26, 2009

a cuisine that is lean.

i am currently obsessed with lean cuisines.

like lots of people, my appetite fluctuates with the weather. when it's cold, the last thing i want is a cold sandwich. i crave something warm, but a warm lunch can be hard to find unless you are willing to eat out everyday. i cannot afford such a luxury.

lean cuisine's are kind to my budget and my waistline & fulfill my warm lunch craving. plus, 90% of them are delicious. promise.

the sesame stir fry with chicken is my ultimate favorite, although the butternut squash ravioli is great, too. and don't forget to try the roasted garlic chicken pizza. diet food never tasted so good.

and just for the record, i once served a lean cuisine to gjo for dinner & he didn't say a word. the trick is to serve it on a plate.
happy lunch.

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  1. I love Lean Cuisines! They were always very popular at Re/Max. The smell of them made me so sick when I was pregnant with Tyler, I am surprised I can eat them now. I need to come and visit before I pop.


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