Monday, February 16, 2009

the big finish.

Valentines Day can be over-rated, right? We spend so much time anticipating a day of flowers, chocolates & romance and then the actual day comes and we forget to make reservations, the flowers don't get delivered and you wake up with a zit on your forehead. I have had a few Valentines like that.

"I'm setting myself up for failure" I thought as I drove home on Friday night. I was SO excited for Valentines Day this year (could you tell?)... There was really no way it could be as wonderful as I was imagining. Luckily for me, a rare (and I mean RARE) thing happened and the actual event was as great as all the build-up.

Friday night we went out for a steak dinner & then home to open presents. Saturday we picked up a heart-shaped pizza & stayed in with our pups, homemade treats and some great rentals. It was a fabulous weekend...better than I even hoped for. G loved his gift (a handmade tie with his initials on the tag) and I loved mine (gorgeous hydrangeas & a necklace from Whimsy). Most of all, I loved spending time cooped up in this darling home with the city lights twinkling outside our windows. I loved spending time with my G.

This year, I felt really lucky to be so genuinely happy. I felt lucky to be so in love.

Hope you did, too.

PS. I am the proud new owner of one of these. Can you believe it? A dream come true. Photos & explanation coming soon. (Get excited).


  1. What a fun weekend and I am dying that you got a Snuggie! I secretly want one so you'll have to tell me how you like it!

  2. I want a snuggie! matt thinks i am crazy :) I love your blog it keeps me entertained dury my days of being sick :)

  3. Okay, cute... but the picture in the mirror... a little too much. We don't wanna see you guys makin out! Gross... don't ruin our V-day.


    (totally facetious)

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  5. you're one to talk, chicken! don't forget those wedding pics we saw where a certain someone was eating a certain someone's face...



  6. OK, if you got a Snuggie you are officially my hero - B almost got me one for Christmas but ran out of time, I think they are h-i-larious!!!
    And how do you even make a tie? So cute - you are precious!

  7. I'm so curious about the tie. Loved that! Fabulous crazy picture & you look so calm. Funny funny picture. The snugggie's a huge joke to us. I'm actually in shock that Clay didn't buy one of those or a Sham-wow for my Valentine's present. Loved your lovey post!

  8. And your hair!! It looks great! Dark is my fav!

  9. It looks like you guys had an awesome Valentines weekend! I heard you went to Ruby River on Friday night... The funny thing is that Erik and I did the same thing! And, I also LOVE the hair.. You look great! But.. You always look good - blonde or brunette! P.S. Crazy eyes picture made me laugh out loud!


thank you for your shout outs!