Thursday, February 19, 2009

r.i.p. miss hydrangea. you will be dearly missed.

remember this lovely plant i blogged about earlier? g gave her to me for valentines day & what a darling hydrangea she was.

i was, however, very concerned about the well-being of this little lady. you see, i am the plant killer, and i knew that husband bought me this plant specifically because "bouquets are a waste of money, they die in a week". so instead of dropping all that cash on roses, he wanted to get me something that we could enjoy for a while.

at least that was the plan.

that's right. i got involved & killed the little sucker. i really don't know what i did. i tried to be a good plant mother. i followed the instructions of my personal florist & even googled to learn more about my new house guest. i checked the soil for dampness daily & even spritz the little love with cool water each morning in addition to the water she got every 3rd day. ms. hydrangea did not pass away for a lack of love. she was admired by all who entered the olsen household (for that WHOLE 5 days!!).

my wonderful friend, mckenzie, was nice enough to come upstairs & check on her when i reported her death. she came up with high hopes of reviving the little sucker, but was shocked (as was i) to see that in 24 hours, ms. plant had completely withered away.

thanks to mckenzie's great recommendation, i have called the florist & claimed that the plant "must have been sick or something" and the nice manager has agreed to come let me pick out a new one tomorrow. any recommendations for something that is bullet proof? we are talking a plant that can live anywhere, under any conditions & without food or water, and is possibly earthquake, fire, flood, jacky b. & plant-killer proof?

g isn't home yet, and i am seriously nervous for him to see what i've done to his gift. g & ms. hydrangea had a special bond, right from the start.and now i've just written 6+ paragraphs about a bunch of hydrangeas. bless all of you who read this pathetic excuse for a blog.

that is all.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, hopefully your replacement will bring you much joy.

  2. I'm truly afraid for the replacement plant! 5 days has got to be some kind of record for plant killing doesn't it? You should tell g that you love the plants sooo much and want them to thrive, so he must take care of them. Then the only thing you're allowed to do is take in the beauty and once in a while talk nice to them or play pretty music for them! Your dogs would probably like that too! LOL!! Don't worry though, I have no plants because I kill them, and plastic ones aren't fun so what's the point there! Good Luck on the new addition! Let us know what you decided on for the replacement!

  3. yes, i read the entire pathetic sad post. :) So sorry. I recommend an aloe vera plant. It does WAY better when you completely ignore it. I haven't watered mine in about 9 months & it looks better than when I tried to baby it.

    I'm so sad for you though b/c hydrangeas are a total favorite of mine. Really really sad for you.

    Hey-"wandering jews" are pretty hearty. They have purple leaves on the underside & dark green on top. My sister's survived a below freezing ride in the bed of a pickup from Logan to Provo & back. Then it also survived being dropped during moving when the pot it was in broke & chopped the whole plant off about 2 inches from the stem. It lived & came back full force. So-that might be right for you.

    And this completes the
    l-o-n-g-e-s-t comment EVER.

  4. So Skip Smith used to have a japanese money tree that he would take for walks around the fort union office. One time he was going on vacation so he asked me to babysit. While he was gone I had her at my desk and it had a baby. He decided that she liked my desk better so he said I could keep her (everytime the mother would have a baby the mother would die and the baby would live but this particular time they both survived) So anyways, when I quit I took her with me because it was the only plant that I had ever had for more then a week and it lived on. So I would say I had it for two years while working there and I have been gone from there for a few years too... so we will say I kept this thing alive for 4 years+. Sadly I have to say it died about 2 weeks ago but man, it was awesome, only watered it once a month, doesnt really need sunlight, occasionally needs to go on walks (claims skip). So yeah, I would get a Japanese Money Tree. (sorry that is a long comment)


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