Thursday, March 26, 2009

because i love a good referall.

right now, i'm loving...

map lipglass in underage
and diorshow mascara

i'll never go back to my cheap drugstore brand again. a mascara that never flakes off, separates perfectly, and curls & lengthens is well worth a few extra dollars.

try it, mom!


  1. So tell me where you got this wonderful mascara. I never find one that meets all my needs. I hope this is the one. I didn't even wear mascara on your wedding day because I didn't want it all over my face.

  2. i'll call you, mom. xoxoxo.

  3. I tried Dior mascarra - and it doesn't work for those of us whose face looks like an oil slick the majority of the day. I put it on in NYC and within 2 hours I looked like a racoon! Very diappointing, but I know it's divine on everyone else!


thank you for your shout outs!