Friday, March 6, 2009

fish face.

Grumpigus Azul Fish Face Kastner Graa Olsen
Peacefully passed away March 6, 2009 in his home.

Fish was born sometime in 2008 & came to live at Jessica Olsen's desk in August of that year. He was a lovely fish…beautiful & kind in every way. Fish face loved to swim in his bowl, eat his pellets, sleep in his shot glass, and lay on his rocks. He was a happy gentleman. His many talents included swimming in circles, recognizing Skip's face, going in & out of his shot glass, fasting on Sundays & playing dead. He was well behaved & never jumped out of his bowl, even though Mike said he would.

The circumstances of his death are unknown, although most believe he received some sort of deadly STD from his short term lover Mikey Phelps aka “Hope” who died the previous day. Both fish were flushed & will be reunited in sewer heaven.

Fish face was loved by all who knew him. Many Agents enjoyed stopping by his tank to admire his silky, blue fins & impressive swimming technique.

He is survived by his mothers; Jessica, Holly & Dene
As well as his siblings; Toby Olsen, Jack Bauer Olsen, Loki Poo, JinSu Kwon, Simon Monkey Katsner & Milo Squirl Katsner
As well as many friends & fish relatives.

Funeral services were held in the women’s restroom on March 6, 2009 at 10:00 AM.
Our apologies to all who missed the beautiful ceremony.



  1. it's so terrible to hear of your loss...i'm sure he will be sorely missed. This gives me an idea though...maybe craig needs some fish. He loves Nemo.

  2. booo, I'm sorry to hear about your fishy :( Props to you for keeping him alive for WAY longer than I kept Nemo alive!!
    p.s. the dress is finished!!! what a relief!

  3. you are so funny woman! i love your writing

  4. If I recall, at one time Grumpigus went simply by "Gus" which is my son's name. Hm. And now my son-to-be-born in 3 weeks is likely going to be called "Milo". Grumpigus's brother's name. Do I have name choosing issues? Why do I like to name my kids after pets?

  5. You crack me up. I'm trying hard not to laugh about something sad, but what is the deal with his name and the location of his funeral and cause of death? Sorry-I'm trying to be sad, but the giggles keep coming.

    Best wishes in sewer heaven!! Sounds lovely.

  6. First the hydrangea, now a fish?!?!?!

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry I missed the services.

  8. Flowers and now fish???? How can you be trusted to have a baby someday and keep it alive!! I'm just kidding, it's oh so insensitive of me to joke at this sad time.
    I wish I would have known when the services were, I would've donated some flowers :)

  9. hey kierst & shara,

    quit busting my chops!

    the fish was alive for a solid 8 MONTHS!!! and he only passed because a certain someone at my office put a certain diseased fish in his bowl. 8 MONTHS people!

    and i nursed the hydrangea back to life. yup, it's sitting in my living room as healthy & gorgeous as can be.

    and i have 2 dogs & a husband--and they are all alive, too.

    so there. pppsshhh....

    ps. love your face ;)

  10. Um...WHAT THE HECK!!!!! How could you not tell me of this???? ....freak!!!


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