Monday, March 23, 2009

i am alive.

Today, I headed back to work after a 5 day hiatus. Yes, people. 5wholedays. It was unreal. G & both took 3 days off work & combined with the usual weekend, we were living in the land of freedom. A land where we slept in every single morning, lazily went to breakfast, strolled through the neighborhood with our dogs (it was Spring last week, remember?) lounged at the park all afternoon, ate out for every meal, stayed up late watching movies and took naps at 3pm. Is that how the rest of you non-workers spend your lives? ;) It was sheer heaven.

Now, it's back to reality & I am counting down the days until my n
ext break (August!). I wish I could be someone who savors the little joys in my day-to-day life at the office. I wish I could tell you that I am excited to go to work every day. I wish I always saw the good, but lately I am not that person. Sometimes, I am good about savoring the NOW...sometimes I suck at it. Right now, I suck at it.

Either way, it was a much-needed, wonderful break. We went a 3-D show at the Clark Planetarium (we were the only ones there over the age of 12), saw a few movies (G MAYBE watched Twilight with me...maybe), baked a huge birthday cake & then devoured it with friends & fam
ily, went to the zoo, shopped a little bit (or at least strolled through Gateway enjoying 70 degree weather) explored our neighborhood (finally) and tried all the little cafe's & dives I have been eyeing since we moved here. And let's face it, since eating out is basically my life's passion, I was a happy camper. And I maybe never cooked once...maybe.

Speaking of my birthday, I owe everyone a huge thank you! Thank you so much to everyone who called, emailed, sent a text message, stopped by, left me a message, facebooked me
(is that a word?!), baked me brownies, mailed me cards, gave me presents, etc, etc, etc. I love you! I seriously think the best part about a birthday is how loved you feel by everyone..that and the 3 tiered chocolate fudge cake.

And about that traditional chocolate cake...G made mine this year. On the same day he cooked me german pancakes for breakfast, ran all my errands while I got a pedicure with my Mom & presented me with a list of 22 reasons he loves me. And yes, I realize I shouldn't brag too much about my husband, but he deserves it. My Grandma says I hit the jackpot. I agree.


  1. way to go G - the bday cake looks awesome. I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend

  2. That sounds so so fun!! Happy Bday!

  3. G is so domestic - who knew????
    I'm glad you had a good weekend and I am still very, very jealous of the whole thing.
    But I still love you.

  4. Too bad I officially fall into the lame category of those people that love you and DIDN'T wish you a Happy Birthday. Happy Day, cute girl. I'm so glad you got spoiled by your husband who adores you. If Brian ever made me a cake, I might fall over dead before being able to eat it.

  5. SO FUN!!! I love your "birthday weekend" idea & how you spent it & that he made a cake for you! How cute is that?!

  6. Jess(ica),

    I absolutely know who you are (though I had to do some minor detective work to be sure, because Brandon's not home right now) and thanks for your kind words. Stalker? Are you kidding? Raise your hand if you don't check out all kinds of random people's blogs that you don't know. Mine's up.

    You seem darling and I appreciate you stopping by!


thank you for your shout outs!