Monday, March 2, 2009


you might be me if you fall down the stairs at work & bruise both legs from ankle to knee.

you might be me if you have nightmares that leave you too terrified to get up and pee.

you might be me if you knock magnets off the fridge while playing fetch with your pup.

you might be me if you think gregory john is hot. but then again, you might just be some chick (he is taken, ladies).

you might be me if you call hillside floral to request a hydrangea replacement. and you talk with the manager for 4 days & get them to agree to replace said hydrangea & then arrive at the store & realize the flowers were purchased from cactus & tropical. and husband definitely told you that. and where in the world did hillside floral come from?

you might be me if there is always a bag of clothes to be returned in the backseat of you car.

you might be me if you bake a dozen cookies, eat one & then give the rest away, because you know you are not strong enough to resist the temptation of eating all 12.

you might be me if you think to yourself that you are so sick of blogging. so you log onto blogger & blog about it (true story, but i didn't post it).

you might be me if you get a brand-spankin' new cell phone & vow to never drop it. you might be me if you then proceed to drop it twice in the first 24 hours.

you might be me if you are in-capable of producing anything besides random, pointless posts.

(sorry about that, friends)


  1. I had to look into the mirror just to be sure I wasn't YOU!!! LOL! I'm always falling down the stairs, it's falling up them that worries me! Lucky for me though I've given up on the plant thing so I know I didn't spend time on the phone trying to replace my Hydrangea!! I love that these things make you who you are!

  2. that's about how i'm feeling about blogging. my creativity is gone...and it's appeal suddenly is lacking. maybe it will pick up with the new little one...she'll need some face time.

  3. Hee hee! Loved! Ever heard of blurb? It's renewed my enthusiasm for the blog. There's a link to it on mine.

  4. I LOVE these "slice of life" posts! And, I agree with everyone else . . . I just might be you! I just kept thiking "amen", "amen", "amen". The way I know I'm NOT you is because I can't draft as awesome of a post about being you as you just did. Love you and your writing.

  5. I LOVE your random posts...promise to never stop!!! make me laugh, and I love it!!! :)

  6. I love your random posts too!
    Maybe this is awful . . but there was nothing that made me laugh inside more than hearing somebody stumble down the stairs when I was sitting at the front desk, well at least assuming they weren't really hurt. So maybe your bruises made somebody's day.


thank you for your shout outs!