Monday, April 20, 2009

9 things.

  • woke up to some sort of military unit running in perfect lines in front of our house & screaming as they went (just like in the movies).
  • opened my blinds and saw sunshine. put on a skirt & smiled the whole time i was getting ready.
  • first soccer game of the season tonight. can't wait to spread out a blanket, lay in the grass, bask in the sunshine & get the pups out of the house.
  • we are officially done speaking in church & it feels like a ten thousand pound weight has been lifted.
  • g did wonderful.
  • i got all emotional and cried in front of my new ward & then proceeded to deliver the entire talk with mascara on my cheeks.
  • speaking of mascara on my cheeks, if it snows this week i will cry actual tears.
  • i'm craving a cheeseburger & fries for dinner.
  • life is good.


  1. totally ticked me off! who do they think they are screaming at 6:30 am past my house? random huh? I may be a bit touchy seeing as i have a newborn and stuff...but really.

  2. Mmmm, sounds delightful! You should've shouted "oooh ahh" out your window - that's some sort of military thing. It would've been awesome.

  3. EW! I know exactly how you feel. Speaking in church is the worst! Ryan and I just got done as well- I really spent 80% of my talk introducing us. So, glad to hear it's over! Hope everything else is well!

  4. Jess: Your talks were really exceptional. I appreciate your modesty but they were both worthy of a stake conference setting. That's coming from a dad who gave 65 talks in 5 years on the high council, some of which were in stake conference. You speak as well as you write. You have a gift. I hope you continue to find ways to develop it.

    You really didn't cry much and your mascara didn't run.

    I'm glad it's over. Talking is always stressful. But, you both did an exceptional job.



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