Monday, April 6, 2009

dear hills.

i thought i was over you.

i haven't watched you in months...haven't cared to. somewhere in between the bad acting & obvious drama, i got over you.

g was thrilled, of course. he couldn't believe it. was my addiction of so many years really over?
we both relished in the thought.

i don't know how you did it, how you seduced me again? it might have been that ridiculous trailer that kept popping up during my real world episodes or the gorgeous new promotion pics floating around cyber space. but, i see you & i feel giddy again, the way i did when we first fell in love all those years ago.

are heidi & lauren really going to make up? is audrina seriously hooking up with brody? what the H happened to justin bobby?

i miss you, hills. i'm ready to come back. hopefully you'll welcome me with open arms & won't make me regret my decision. either way, i'll see you tonight...just don't tell my other lover.


  1. Arrgh, I feel the same way! I even made a point to delete it off my "to do" list, but somehow, over this last weekend of random reruns, I have become intrigued enough to add it back on again. It's like a train wreck - so disturbing, yet I have to keep watching!
    Don't let us down, "reality" TV drama, I don't know if my heart can take it again!

  2. The Hills? Really? It's okay. I'm slightly (very) addicted to Grey's Anatomy and Roswell. Don't tell.

  3. I just finished watching it tonight and all I can say is is there anyone who doesn't hate Spencer? I almost hate Heidi more for staying with him!

    Sad to say.. I'm also addicted (to any reality tv)! Always have been... always will. Sorry E!

  4. I feel the same way... in fact I was so excited to watch it that I actually had a dream about Spencer and Heidi the night before!! Really, I dreampt(?) that I walked into my room to go to bed and I Heidi and Spencer were asleep in there!! I got so mad and yelled at them to get out. When they left I noticed they had left popcorn all over in the bed, and I was SO mad!! hehe:)

  5. I have the same love/hate relationship with The Hills.

    I always feel like a dork for watching when I should be doing something more "mature"...but watching the episodes online I got a little confused. Why are all the commercials inbetween each segement about anti-aging creams?

    Are you telling me that people several decades older than me are watching this stuff too?

  6. I feel tha same about the hills...such a love/hate relationship. We booked ours through a guy who works at Vacations To Go...its a website. They were great and we seriously LOVED this cruise. A guy at my work used to work for Princess and he has been on a million cruises and the one we went on was his should look into it for sure!


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