Tuesday, May 19, 2009

love note.

dear kris,

you are my musical soul mate. when you sang "falling slowly" i maybe watched the performance 10 times in a row & almost cried. and just so you know, my 2 yr old niece thinks you are my husband when she sees you on tv. and my husband's a hottie, which makes you a hottie by comparison. congratulations on that.

ps. please tell your wife to wear a better dress tomorrow. this is her 15 minutes of fame...no tacky prom dresses allowed.

dear adam,

i don't get you. why does everyone like you? i keep thinking you are going to lose your voice from all the SHRIEKING and SCREAMING but each week i am disappointed to see that you are going to yell at me YET AGAIN. me & g trudge through your performances & sometimes fast forward when we've had enough. i really hope you lose tomorrow. sorry to be harsh, but you are not my cup of tea.

ps. quit yelling at me!


  1. kris should win hands down! adam is gross, greasy, annoying, screams...kris is hot, awesome voice, deserves to win. we fast forward through adam too...i cant even watch his dramatic faces, screaming voice, eyeliner, clothes, ew he grosses me out.

    btw-ditto on kris's wife's ghetto dress. not a good look on her...or anyone for that matter.

  2. Yes! I LOVE Kris!! I really really do. Have you noticed the only song I have on my blog? I voted for him probably 150 times, not that it's going to make a big difference with the millions of voters but I can only call so many times. Please win... PLEASE!

  3. Amen to it all . . . with my favorite comment being about Kris' wife's prom dress. Hahah. Seriously, where is her stylist?

    I will be such a happy camper if Kris wins tonight. Boo to everything about Adam. BOOOOO.

  4. If for no other reason I hope Kris wins because he looks like my cousin Scott, I mean they could be identical twins! And also because I don't like Adam's hair!

  5. I haven't watched any of this season because of school...but now that the semester is over I watched last night and immediately I was like "Oh my gosh make it stop, why is he screaming?!?" And he looks like a girl. The eyeliner kinda creeps me out.

  6. Ugggh, I sooo agree with you! What was the deal with the Matrix gettup Adam was wearing last night? Really? Combat boots & a trench coat with fog????? REALLY!!!
    Anyway, I'm harnessing my chi for Kris as well. I love the flirty thing he does with his eyes when he sings. Mmmmmm.....

  7. I agree about Adam, I don't get why everyone loves him either! Kris/G is the bomb!

  8. Yea for Kris! I actually voted for the first time this season and it was specifically for Kris! He's been my favorite all along.. as Erik can attest to when he kept saying.. "I don't recognize that guy.. Has he been on the whole season?" Each week I say "Yes and I hope he wins!". Although I thought that Adam was going to win because of the judges comments from week to week.. I'm dang excited that my favorite pick from like week 2 walked away with it! I'm such a reality show NERD! Definitely one of my weaknesses!


thank you for your shout outs!