Thursday, May 21, 2009

naughty gentlemen.

this is my pup,
mr. j bubba olsen.

he is adorable, as you can see.
he is photogenic and loving and sweet.

his top to favorite past times are:
eating his poop
and kissing you on the mouth.

he is a real gentlemen,
except for the fact that he loves pull roots out of the ground
and in through the dog door in his spare time.

and he eats his poop.

did i mention that?

today, he was in puppy jail.
i can't remember what he did,
but i'm sure it was very naughty.

the end.


  1. So adorable!...poop-eater or not :)

  2. I don't know why they sometimes eat their own poop, that's just disgusting! And the fact that he then kisses you on the mouth makes me want to hurl! He is adorable though! I love this pic! I'll have to post about my little Pooski, she loves to roll in bird poo in her spare time, don't know why but she must think it's aromatic! Maybe it's some kind of fancy schmancy perfume for her but it's just as disgusting as eating poop, especially when I let her back in the house w/o realizing she has bird poop behind her ears, on her neck, her legs, back, etc, etc, etc. And I think she tries to hide it so I don't bath it off! Dogs, they are sooo dang cute! You gotta love 'em!

  3. Our puppy ate poop, threw it up, and ate it again. Seriously nAsTy. Then (no, I'm not done) he threw it all back up IN MY CAR & I had to clean up all the ...... (don't know what it's called now, poop or vomit?) while I was preggo & dealing with some serious morning sickness issues. I wanted to die that day. Puppy jail is brilliant!

    No puppies might be better. Thanks for the reminder! :)

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