Monday, May 4, 2009

pom love & mr. jack bauer.

hooray for monday!

i found out today that i won miss marta's pom giveaway. how wonderful! i never win anything.

a beautiful pom kit is coming to live at my house & you can bet i will be finding random reasons to throw parties all summer just so i can use them!

thanks marta! you made my monday.

on another note: happy happy birthday to mr. j bubba olsen, who turned 2 yesterday! woo hoo for the big 2 year old! thanks, j bub, for being my bff for the past two years. thanks for never ever leaving me alone & following me every where i go, even though sometimes you drive me insane. thanks for being so gosh darn photogenic and posing whenever i want to play with my camera. thanks for loving me even when i push you off the bed at 2 am and you fly into my dresser. i really am sorry about that one. we love you, j bub. now quit eating your poop!!!


  1. I can't wait to see your poms! I bet they will be beautiful.

  2. Give J-Bubbers a happy b-day kiss from me. I won't do it myself because he eats his poop.

  3. winning stuff is the best!! i won $125 shopping spree to it was awesome!i had never won anything before either! you will have to post pictures of your poms! those are so stinkin cute!

  4. I never win anything :( ...My time is sure to come soon? :) Yeah, post pictures of your poms when you get them!

  5. hey I never knew what they even were till I just went to that link. I guess im totally out of it.. but I am excited to see them! I miss you and I am going to call you hoy- 5 de Mayo. I love love love you.


thank you for your shout outs!