Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday adventures.

gary is a little old man who lives near my office.
gary comes into the office almost every day with ice cream for the receptionist.

gary has a little red-headed wife.
we hear about her, but we never see her.
gary makes us promise that if we ever see his little red-headed wife
we won't tell her that he out-runs the cops on a daily basis

you see, gary has out-run the st. george police 9 times.
and the salt lake police 10 times.
but watch out, because he has out-run the cops on his way to wendover
a whopping 14 times.

his little audi a-4 can reach speeds of up to 180 miles per hour
he once made it to 190
which is why the cops never catch him.

gary beat up every bully in his high school
even the biggest ones
gary is 5 feet nothing
but he's broken 10 guys noses
and knocked out 12 teeth.

gary likes to hang out in our lobby and demonstrate just how he did it.

don't mess with gary.

 this post is accompanied by a whole bunch of pictures of me & my co-workers working.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I wanted to scan a favorite picture of me and my Dad for Father's Day, but I couldn't get our scanner to work.

If I could have scanned the photo, you would have seen a picture of a tiny girl and a big man completely enamored with each other. We were hiking up a mountain on a perfect, sunny day. I was small-maybe 1 1/2 years old and he was smiling-all 6 feet 6 inches of him. I was strapped to the baby carrier and riding on his back as we climbed that mountain higher and higher. Someone asked us to look at the camera, so I rested my blonde head on his back and we smiled wide with the trees and the sunshine beaming behind us. Our smiles look the same-both shiny and genuine and that's how I know he gave me my smile.

I love you, Dad. Thank you for carrying me up the mountain when I was too small to walk up it myself. Thank you for continuing to carry me when I need you to. I am so lucky you are mine.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a little bitty update.

  • 4 hours of work + 8 hours of school + 4 hours of homework = tired jess.
  • g is studying like crazy, too.
  • we just finalized our plans for a trip we are taking to DC in october. woo hoo for free flights & a place to stay! i can't wait...i've never been.
  • g is currently on a major health/exercise kick.
  • i currently am not.
  • we leave for vegas in 8 days
  • i am dying to see "year one". i may or may not be in love with michael cera.
  • i can't wait to go to lagoon this saturday! c'mon's what fun is!
  • i don't have anything funny, clever or interesting to say anymore. sorry.
  • life is sooo busy right now
  • but good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

a nice afternoon on the roof.

this happened today:

all of the crazy rain from the past week had been accumulating in this hole above our ceiling, so g finally took out the drywall, sending 2 gallons of water into our hallway.

it was pretty sweet.

he climbed on our roof to fix the problem and i followed him and took lots of pictures,
like any good wife would.

and then, because i was already back there, i decided to take a little hike in our back, backyard.
please look at this picture & tell me that is not a full on forest you are seeing.
we are planning a bonfire/camp out back there this summer & you are all invited.

also i didn't find any dead bodies back there. i am surprised.

 (the views from above)

Friday, June 12, 2009

slc temple.

g & i went on a little date to the temple the other night. as we strolled around, it reminded me of the night i THOUGHT g was going to propose to me. he took me to the grounds and tortured me as he bent down to tie his shoes & do other mean things to make me think he was about to pop the question. he likes to keep me on my toes, that one.

anyways, we had a beautiful night, despite the gloomy weather, which i am still absolutely loving.
and i think i definitely take for granted that we live precisely 5 minutes away from this gorgeous temple. i am going to try to notice it more often, even though i see it every day.
it is remarkable.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

jackson w.

i miss his soft hands, hearty chuckle and sweet grin.
i miss his sense of humor, thoughtful questions and earnest concern for me.
i miss the roses he grew in his backyard & the berries we always ate with cream.
i miss the flannel shirts he wore and his crisp red U of U sweatshirts.
i miss his smell
his silver hair
and his advice.

i love you grandpa.

the little things.

another happy list.
  • a new fan in our bedroom that blows on us all night & helps me sleep without tossing, turning & stressing all night. it seems i am my father's daughter.
  • the rainy weather & temperature drop has meant i got another chance to wear my red boots...i've missed you!
  • not missing a day of scripture study yet this week, which makes me feel so much better & happier with life in general.
  • roses in the yard & in vases in my kitchen.
  • running past the slc cemetery last night with husband and not stopping when i reached my breaking point, even though i always stop.
  • coming home to take a bubble bath & read in the tub.
  • our new grill means husband cooks for me every night & only asks me to help with the sides. just another reason to love summer.
  • feeling completely lost in one of my classes & then finding out i got 100% on the first test? whhhhaaaat?
  • vegas in 2 weeks.
  • the beautiful city views out our windows that i will never, ever get over.
  • mo's pre-school graduation yesterday.
  • every plant in my home is alive.
  • looking back & realizing i am more in love now than i was almost 3 years ago when i married g. a good thing.
happy thursday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


is it bad that this is all i want to do lately?
what is it about love that screams
"cuddle on the couch all night!" ?

Monday, June 8, 2009

our oasis in the making. {part 2}

and then there was grass.

and sunshine.
and roses.
and plants in cute pots.

and a new welcome mat along with some pretty hydrangeas.

and a lovely evening was enjoyed by all!

* yes, those ARE bandanna's the pups are wearing.
they just got back from the groomers and they look sweet.
don't judge!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

our oasis in the making.

here's a picture i took of g in our new backyard.
look at all of that fresh dirt....isn't it lovely?

yesterday, g told me he was going to go outside and start ripping up our old, dead grass in preparation for the new grass we are putting in this weekend.

when i came to check on him literally 45 minutes later, i had to laugh in astonishment when i found a completely cleared backyard. he had somehow managed to rip up all of the ground cover, grass, weeds and roots and haul them away in the time it took me get a drink and do a little jig in our kitchen.

i'm pretty sure that project would have taken me about 8 years to complete.

of course, i felt bad for missing the opportunity to help, but you see i've got lots and lots of homework these days. with that said, school is no fun, but i'm pretty sure i prefer it to ripping roots out of the ground with my bare hands!

***and also, thank you to my friends who sent banana bread recipes & tips my way. you are too kind. everyone has told me to let the bananas get "reeeeallllly" dark before i make the bread, but i am somewhat worried about this process? i left a bunch in my hot car for about 4 hours the other day (in a ziplock) bag and now the little suckers seem to be oozing puss or something. that can't be normal, can it? thoughts?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a tale of a husband & his allergies.

Once upon a time, husband was allergic to bananas. His mother tried to feed them to him when he was a bb, but husband barfed them up every time. Ever since then, he has gone through his life banana-less and never considered giving bananas a second chance.

But a few years ago, a funny thing happened and husband began to notice that some of his allergies were changing, morphing, and even disappearing altogether. We were delighted to watch him enjoy foods he previously couldn't/wouldn't eat. At the top of his list of newly discovered (favorite) foods are bananas. After he discovered he could eat them without barfing them up, he started slicing them into his cereal, eating them for breakfast and enjoying hot caramel sundaes with bananas on top.'s been a lovely journey.
Bananas are my favorite fruit & I was thrilled to introduce him to all the wonderful banana pleasure's he has been missing during his 29 years of life. We've started simple, but this weekend, I plan to step it up a notch and venture into the land of banana bread.

Any one have a favorite, perfect, tried & true recipe?
I've never made it before.
Husband & I thank you very much.