Thursday, June 11, 2009

the little things.

another happy list.
  • a new fan in our bedroom that blows on us all night & helps me sleep without tossing, turning & stressing all night. it seems i am my father's daughter.
  • the rainy weather & temperature drop has meant i got another chance to wear my red boots...i've missed you!
  • not missing a day of scripture study yet this week, which makes me feel so much better & happier with life in general.
  • roses in the yard & in vases in my kitchen.
  • running past the slc cemetery last night with husband and not stopping when i reached my breaking point, even though i always stop.
  • coming home to take a bubble bath & read in the tub.
  • our new grill means husband cooks for me every night & only asks me to help with the sides. just another reason to love summer.
  • feeling completely lost in one of my classes & then finding out i got 100% on the first test? whhhhaaaat?
  • vegas in 2 weeks.
  • the beautiful city views out our windows that i will never, ever get over.
  • mo's pre-school graduation yesterday.
  • every plant in my home is alive.
  • looking back & realizing i am more in love now than i was almost 3 years ago when i married g. a good thing.
happy thursday!


  1. i love thursday too!! and all the things on your list are awesome & adorable! summer is wonderful!!

  2. I tend to focus on everything negative so it's good to hear the positive! And I love the last one....makes me actually want to get married. haha

  3. your happy list makes me happy!! Ditto on our last one. Just thinking the same thing last night. Not even a comparison. Substitute the 3 with a 7. Whoa!

  4. Love your happy thursday list. Such great things to be happy about. And, I love your picture of the rain.



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