Thursday, June 4, 2009

our oasis in the making.

here's a picture i took of g in our new backyard.
look at all of that fresh dirt....isn't it lovely?

yesterday, g told me he was going to go outside and start ripping up our old, dead grass in preparation for the new grass we are putting in this weekend.

when i came to check on him literally 45 minutes later, i had to laugh in astonishment when i found a completely cleared backyard. he had somehow managed to rip up all of the ground cover, grass, weeds and roots and haul them away in the time it took me get a drink and do a little jig in our kitchen.

i'm pretty sure that project would have taken me about 8 years to complete.

of course, i felt bad for missing the opportunity to help, but you see i've got lots and lots of homework these days. with that said, school is no fun, but i'm pretty sure i prefer it to ripping roots out of the ground with my bare hands!

***and also, thank you to my friends who sent banana bread recipes & tips my way. you are too kind. everyone has told me to let the bananas get "reeeeallllly" dark before i make the bread, but i am somewhat worried about this process? i left a bunch in my hot car for about 4 hours the other day (in a ziplock) bag and now the little suckers seem to be oozing puss or something. that can't be normal, can it? thoughts?


  1. That is impressive weeding/grass ripping time. I don't know about oozing pussy bananas, I just use them when they are brown not oozy, good luck.

  2. Eeeeewwww....oozy, pussing food never sounds good.
    I finally emailed you the tried and true recipe that my family LOVES>

  3. That's awesome that you're getting grass this weekend. The bananas.... I would say chuck them and use some that are not oozing! :) I usually can't let mine get that bad, it grosses me out - so I use ones that are about 75% brown.

  4. I'm an idiot! I totally forgot to send my recipe over. Yeah, you don't want your bananas to be lethal. I just put them in a brown bag in my kitchen. I can't believe Greg had that done in 45 minutes. Are you lying? He looks exhausted-maybe you're telling truth-but I'm amazed.And was it your Beyonce' jig?


thank you for your shout outs!