Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday adventures.

gary is a little old man who lives near my office.
gary comes into the office almost every day with ice cream for the receptionist.

gary has a little red-headed wife.
we hear about her, but we never see her.
gary makes us promise that if we ever see his little red-headed wife
we won't tell her that he out-runs the cops on a daily basis

you see, gary has out-run the st. george police 9 times.
and the salt lake police 10 times.
but watch out, because he has out-run the cops on his way to wendover
a whopping 14 times.

his little audi a-4 can reach speeds of up to 180 miles per hour
he once made it to 190
which is why the cops never catch him.

gary beat up every bully in his high school
even the biggest ones
gary is 5 feet nothing
but he's broken 10 guys noses
and knocked out 12 teeth.

gary likes to hang out in our lobby and demonstrate just how he did it.

don't mess with gary.

 this post is accompanied by a whole bunch of pictures of me & my co-workers working.


  1. ha ha ha...i want to meet gary

  2. I love this! I'd very much like to make his acquaintance.

  3. Along with everyone who has commented before me, I want to meet Gary. And I feel smarter now knowing how fast his Audi A4 can go. Gary just made my day.

  4. I'm curious if Gary lives in a fantasy world or if he truly does/did all of these things. I think you need to meet the little red-headed Mrs. Gary & ask her. Guaranteed she'll roll her eyes, slip him his meds, & drive him home in their pinto. HA!

    Scary! Can you imagine going 190 in a car? I've done 100 & that scared me.

  5. Ha! Love it! I'm glad we all get to enjoy these speaches and that i was able to see his creepyness twice yesterday. I got to practice my "i cant see you" face. Thank you for this lovely tribute :)

  6. lindsay, he's for sure a HUGE LIAR!! ;)


thank you for your shout outs!