Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lazy 4th.

I'm not usually a fan of detailed recaps of my days, but since Friday July 3rd was literally one of the best days of my life, I think I'll give you the play-by-play.

G had to work until about noon that day, so I slept in, made myself some herbal tea for breakfast (thanks Grandma!) and read this amazing book for hours in our sunny living room with the pups on my lap. G came home at lunch time so we packed a little picnic and headed to the park to eat, nap and play with the pups all afternoon. Afterwards, we headed to the nearest snowie to pick up a snow-cone with cream to share. We spent a little time cooking together for a BBQ that night and then spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening sitting on our front patio reading, chatting and eating our snow cone. Later, we headed off to a BBQ with some friends and didn't make our way home until almost 3 in the morning, due to the fact that I literally couldn't stop laughing.

Seriously, one of the best days I've had in a long time and I just don't want to forget it. I love lazy days with just G & I and as much as I am looking forward to adding a 3rd amigo to the duo someday, I know I will miss our alone time when the little comes. And no, that is not my backwards way of telling everyone that I'm pregnant. Dear Mom, I am not pregnant.

Our 4th was nice, too. We spent it BBQ'ing with my family, watching fireworks at the park and hanging out on our flat roof above the city. I love our flat roof, by the way. It's totally genius.


  1. Who took the picture of you two on the roof? I was sooo expecting a "hold out the camera, cheese, and hope that some scenery made its way in there" kind of picture!
    PS - I wish we could have that kind of Friday night EVERY NIGHT!!! Totally made my extra sleepy Saturday so worth it.

  2. kierst, my brother took it and it's actually not me & g, it's me and my other brother, scotty.

  3. It still creeps me out how much G looks like your brothers! Wish I could have kept thinking that pic was of you and him not you and your bro... Too bad we missed the BBQ! We're losers! But hopefully we'll get together again soon!

  4. oh your didnt wrap yourself up in a blanket and roll down a hill aka the highlight of the weekend? oh i didnt either... goodbye forever.

  5. Hey-
    Of course I remember you! Give me a call and we can discuss. 801-824-7620. Easier to talk then typing with a little 18 month old running around!

    Talk soon,


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