Friday, July 31, 2009

lessons from gjo.

how to be a good husband.

step 1: cook own dinner.
step 2: serve own dinner.

step 3: rinse own dishes.

step 4: clean up stuff.

step 5: wipe counters.

step 6: load dishwasher.

any quesions?


  1. Ha ha. What a cute hubby you have.

    Always love your blog :)

  2. breakfast for dinner = the worst

  3. whatever...we love it over here! you just hate breakfast in general. have fun at zions! don't die. xo.

  4. Love it - most of the pictures look like they were taken from some sort of "nanny cam" in the corner of the kitchen that you would use because you're trying to catch him doing something wrong :)

  5. I was truly worried until the last pic! I thought you may have set up a hidden camera! So funny! You guys crack me up!


thank you for your shout outs!