Tuesday, August 11, 2009

random tuesday.

Today, I felt like a date.

I thought about a date all day at work and finally decided to email G and officially "ask him out" for later that night. He said yes and I was stoked, after all, he normally studies at the library on Tuesdays. A date on a random Tuesday! I told him to be ready at 6 and started planning.

By 5 my plans were set. I knew it wouldn't be as appreciated if I spent a lot of money (that's the easy way out), so I got creative and thought of something ultra cheap.

The plan:
Rush home after work and put G's golf clubs, shoes and socks in my trunk.
Run to Crown Burger to buy us burgers and fries
Wait for him to get home from work
Take him and the pups to the park for a picnic in the shade
Hang out there for a while and then take the dogs home
Drive to the nearest golf course, pull into the parking lot, then whip open the trunk to reveal the surprise!
Hit a bucket of balls around dusk and then head home for Karmel Sutra ice cream (his favorite) and a movie

Sounds like a nice date, yes?

Here's what ended up happening:
G pulled up in his car JUST as I was putting the golf clubs in the trunk. Home early for the first time in WEEKS. He laughed as he opened his door and apologized for ruining the surprise. Lame.
We wrangled the dogs and drove to Crown Burger
Waited insanely long for our food
Drove to the park and watched the pups play
Ate my disgusting chicken and salad with a spoon (they forgot my fork)
We were attacked by a swarm of bees (of course) and forced to throw a piece of chicken across the park to make them go away
Another dog peed on Toby's head.
And then stole the straw out of our strawberry shake
Came back minutes later and took the whole thing
We gave up on dinner and took the pups home.
Headed for the golf course, even though it was no longer a surprise
Drove around for 40 minutes trying to find the club house
Finally found it after circling 10 times
Unloaded the clubs and walked inside
Surprise, surprise, driving range closed.
Racked my brain for a back-up plan and came up empty.
Decided to just give up and document my failure with a pretty picture in front of the sunset, instead
Can you guess what happened next?
Yup, no camera card.

G laughed as we drove home in the sunset and I dubbed my attempt "the worst date I've ever planned". He said it was a great night and one of his favorite dates so far. That is most definitely a lie, but at least I have a husband who lies to me in situations like these. I'll take a failed date with him any day.


  1. Too funny! It's all about the memories!

  2. That's a fantastic story. I still think you win for a great plan. I was just thinking the other day that i can't remember the last time I surprised Bri with a fun date. I need to follow your lead.

  3. You guys sound like such a cute couple. Don't you love when it feels like everything is not working out? TOtally rocks...not.

  4. my favorite part of this story is that some1 elses dog peed on your dog! I couldn't stop laughing about it! Next time you see my mom you should ask about her neighbors dog, it peed on her once when she was weeding the flower bed. She felt the sprinkle throught the chain link fence! HAHAHAHA!! Too funny! My girls also got a kick out of this post! You probably wouldn't have remembered a Random Tuesday date if it went as planned, this one you'll remember forever!

  5. Aren't you glad that it's really the thought that counts!

    For future reference: Bonneville GC off of Foothill Dr. (near Sunnyside intersection) is the closest course to you. All driving ranges are closed one weekday each week to pick up balls etc. Usually they close on a Tues. or Wed.

    You are such I great girl. I love you and love reading about your life.


  6. thanks dad. that was the course we went to, and yes, they are closed tuesdays.

    love you!


thank you for your shout outs!