Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i like it when.

  • i decide its okay to kiss my very sick husband and somehow still do not catch his fever 4 days later. thank you, immune system.
  • i find a new swimming suit.
  • pandora plays 9 amazing, incredible, favorite songs in a row.
  • g agrees to go out for a date night on a random tuesday.
  • my mother throws a huge "we're going to the beach bash" complete with fish candles, streamers, beach toys and new towells, lotion, chapstick and q-tips as party favors. that woman kills me, i tell you. please let me be her someday.
  • i fall asleep with wet hair and somehow like how it looks the next morning.


  1. Can I go out on for a date night with you on a random Tuesday? Puuhleeeease?

  2. Yay those are all great things!! Have tons of fun in Newport!


thank you for your shout outs!