Thursday, August 13, 2009

we could be a snuggie family!

how sad is it that i am honestly considering getting one of these for toby?
but, the little man wont go outside from september through march without a sweatshirt.
i think he needs it.

someone please help me.

{i had the hilarious video up, until i realized it re-started after every page load. way too annoying. video here.}


  1. NO
    Puuuhhhlease get them for your pups!

  2. You have to get them each 2 in case they accidently "piddle" on 1 there will always be a clean one to put on!
    I truly think it's a sickness btw. It appears Snuggies are completely addictive!

  3. ahhahahahah! YOU ARE LYING! SO funny!! Get one please! I have been MIA on your blog lately....Ive messed up dates too so dont worry, it'll be a good memory. And SUCH a fun date while dating, flying to Cali for the day, really?!

  4. that wont keep him warm at all...


thank you for your shout outs!