Thursday, October 1, 2009

i love these people.

welcome to the world, mr. briggs.
you are the cutest little man we've ever met
and we love you so much already.

{briggs was born on 9.27, so i've been waiting to post this darling pic for a while,
but of course, i wanted to wait until his mommy had the honors of introducing him first.}


  1. Wow he is so cute! Holly looks like she just read a book or something, not like she just gave birth. What a cute little family. I can't believe that Holly is a mother. Welcome little Briggs. Cute name. I am on dads gmail. This is mom.

  2. she looks so freaking pretty for just having a baby!

  3. yes, mom & lauren, holley is gorgeous in all situations (camp, on plane rides home from mexico, after staying up til 3 in the morning, when sick, after BIRTHING A CHILD, etc). this i have learned about my bf over the years.


thank you for your shout outs!