Monday, October 5, 2009

virgina is for lovers, right?

me & g leave for washington dc/virgina this saturday. both of us are huge procrastinators & therefore, we have no itinerary yet. we are planning to hit-up the basics (museums, memorials, mount vernon & williamsburg) but we aren't sure we have enough to fill up 7 whole days.

if you've been & have any suggestions about things we must see or places we need to eat, please do share. i am completely clueless about what this city has in store for us, i only know that i am so excited for a trip with my lover. can't wait to spend his big 30th together.

thanks in advance.


  1. We went to the DC Temple, it's beautiful! We also went to Gettysburg for a day. You'll have so much fun!!!! It's one of my favorite trips.

  2. okay....;) if you want to spend 30 bucks a person go to the Baltimore Aquarium. It's really cool and the inner harbor is fun. I would go eat somewhere down in Fells Point or you could try the Helmand for Afganistan food all in Baltimore. We liked it. If you need a GPS you could probably borrow ours.

    In DC you need to go to Saturday Brunch at The Carlyle. Amazing! It's in Shirlington if you need to look it up. Get the French toast with the bacon and eggs. You could spend a day in each museum so don't worry about not having enough to do. Go the Holocaust museum, but you have to get tickets in advance.

    The portrait gallery is cool. So is Ford's Theater. The changing of the gaurd at Arlington Cemetary is cool. Pretty much everything is cool. Annapolis is beautiful and it's where the naval academy is.

    We liked Amish country but it's a bit of a drive up to Lancaster county.

    Two Amy's Pizza was fun up by the National Cathedral which is also really cool and Georgetown Cupcakes are worth a stop too. There's also and H & M in Georgetown if you need to do some shopping.

    It's fun to watch the planes take off from Reagan National Airport at Gravelly Point. They're really close and really loud. Fun evening activity.

    Okay I'll stop now, but if you need more you can call me when you're there.

    I'm so excited for you!!

  3. Well, I'm sure you already emailed Naomi of Rockstar Diaries right? She would have some great places to see I'm sure! Also, on yahoo this week Lexington Virginia was just rated the #1 small town in the us... good eats, good shopping, beautiful scenery (can you imagine the fall leaves right now), charming town! Have so much fun!

  4. I LOVE DC and there is SO much to do. You're going to love it. I spent an entire day at the national gallery of art and was in heaven. I also went to Colonial Williamsburg, which is really cool. Of course hit up the Smithsonians, which really can take an entire trip. I kind of felt like the white house tour was kind of lame, just my personal opinion. Have so much fun!

  5. wish i could give advice but ive never been there, hopefully you can give me advice on it sometime if i ever go. have fun!

  6. I LOVE DC!! First of all, take good walking shoes! I took only flip flops and about died from knee problems ( and i dont have bad knees.) You will do a TON of walking. You must see Arlington National Cemetary, its awesome. If you can get tickets to go to the top of the washington monument, I would do that. We didnt get to do that but you have to go online and get them in advance. Holocaust museum-way cool ( you can actually get tickets there now, just right inside). If you want some very expensive shopping but a very cool little town-Georgetown. There is a really yummy Korean Barbeque that I would definitely recommend, but thats in Alexandria, about 15 minutes out of DC. If you are interested let me know and Ill get the name. There is so much to do there, you will never get bored I promise! Oh yeah, and the DC temple at night, seriously go there. It is right up there with San Diego! Have a blast, and let me know if you need more ideas. :)

  7. We went to Williamsburg and then to Yorktown & Jamestown, which was a lot of fun. Google those two cities. Also Arlington National Cemetary is AWESOME! Ford's Theater, Holocaust Museum, Mount Vernon... I think everyone else has covered everything I did while I was there! Have tons of fun!!!!

  8. go see dads old stomping grounds.

  9. I have no suggestions, but I'm so excited for you! Our favorite trip was when we had like 2 things planned for 4 days. We did a lot of wandering aimlessly together, and I LOVED it! I just love BEING in a new place with nothing to do and exploring. You will have so much fun, and I'm more jealous of your freedom than I should be :)
    I can't wait to see pictures!!

  10. besides the museums, I would say try to go to Ford's Theater. It's pretty interesting and not far from the white house. I love DC, I'm jealous that you're going to be there enjoying the beautiful fall colors. Have fun!

  11. Go to the Newseum, go to Arlington, call your representative and get a private tour of the capitol, call and get on the list to get into the white house, you have to go to the top of the washington monument, go to the holocaust museum, check out china town, and the national portrait gallery of art, there are about 14 Smithsonian museums, go to a Washington Nationals baseball game, go to George Town, tour all the monuments, you HAVE to go to the national library of congress (it has the most beautiful artwork), go to the national much to do

    Have fun! I'm jealous! One week might not be enough to see everything DC has to offer!

  12. Wish I had suggestions.. he he never been but I will be asking you what to do when we eventually go! Have a blast and there is no further discussion on this... when you get back we ARE getting together! DEAL? ok DEAL! Love you girl! Be safe! Tell the greggers hello!


thank you for your shout outs!