Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dear life.

(i've noticed a couple of friends writing letters to their life lately & thought it was a fun idea. and since another friend pointed out that i am constantly putting "dear" in front of everything i say, i thought i'd give it a try. here's my letter to life)

dear bare minerals makeup: i don't know how i ever lived without you. and now, the thought of using anything but you makes me ill. thank you.

dear j bub: i only tell you this because i love you, but your rolls are out of control. you might want to start incorporating some cardio in your poop-eating routine, my love.

dear linguistics professor: thanks for reminding me that i am in COLLEGE now and no studying + no effort will not always equal an A.

dear linguistics professor: i take it back. i was completely satisfied with my slacker ways and you've ruined everything. thanks for nothing.

dear computer at work: watch it. i may or may not throw you through the window one of these days if you keep freezing on me all the time.

dear snuggie, cocoamotion and gossip girl: thanks for keeping me company while g studies his life away. you are almost as comforting as his arm around me. almost.

dear gjo: you looked really cute in your pinstripe dress shirt and REAL zip-up yesterday. i am jealous of everyone who gets to hang out with you from 7am - 6pm each day.

dear lsat exam: please go easy on him! you have no idea how you have consumed our lives for the past 4 months.

dear trial: i am finally feeling grateful for you. really, i am.

dear christmas ornaments in the garage: only 2 more days and we'll be together again! get ready to shine!

dear life: i love you.


  1. This made me smile... i might follow your action. I also, don't know how I lived without Bare Minerals for so long... it's magical I swear!

  2. dear jessica: you complete me. haha but seriously

  3. that was cute. P.S. don't wait 2 more days for Christmas ornaments - mine are already out - I give you permission!


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