Tuesday, November 24, 2009


this weekend was the much anticipated birthday bash for all of our 30 year old husbands. i can't believe g is 30. judging by his behavior (and his behavior with certain friends) sometimes i swear he's still 12, but then 9pm rolls around and i find him dead asleep in the office and suddenly he is oh so 30 again.
anyways, 30. we celebrated with an awesome cake & a hilarious slide show. and there may or may not have been a few too many pictures of my husband's bare bum involved, but that's another story for another time.

these boys are pretty hilarious together and i'm glad they're still close. even more so, i'm glad they all married lovely women that i now have the pleasure of calling my friends. thanks to all of you ladies for helping throw this bash together. can we do it more often, please?


  1. We have to do it again soon because we missed this get together :(
    And why does every picture of Kiersti (your lover) always turn out like that when she poses with Mya? I have a million of those poses! HAHA! I love the little nugget!
    The princesses look just darling together too! I wish they would have played sleeping beauty then Bryan could have dressed up as merriweather and played with them ;)

  2. Did G & T go on a secret "jean picking out" shopping trip? I think so.
    Your pics turned out waaaaay better than mine - you actually paid attention to getting peoples' faces in the shots. Who knew that would make a better picture?
    Love your bum, as always!

  3. So fun! I'm so glad you remembered to pull out your camera. Mine stayed tucked away in my purse all night at all 3 parties. Brilliant!! I'm stealing some pics if you don't mind.
    You're always so fun to be around Jess & the party turned out great, naked bums & all!

    Oh & I love how Bryan & Eric are suddenly so lost in their children when they're supposed to be blowing out candles. Haha!


thank you for your shout outs!