Sunday, November 22, 2009

mark + jana.

{mom & dad on the tube in lake powell}

my mom and dad celebrated 32 years of faithful marriage this weekend. they are opposites in every way, and yet, they are perfect for each other. i am grateful for the beautiful example of commitment they have always shown me. here's to many more date nights, weekend getaways, rounds of golf, tennis matches, tube rides, grand babies and adventures together. i'm so grateful you are still in love!


  1. Thanks Jess. You are such a thoughtful girl. Love, Dad.

  2. It is fabulous having parents who still love eachother (not to mention like hanging out together!) My sis-in-law once said she didn't think her parents even liked eachother anymore and I was heartbroken for her! Here's hoping your parents have many many more celebrations!

  3. He is my best friend still. He suprised me with flowers, candy, breakfast in bed and then a check so I could buy a new couch. What a good man I married. I am one lucky girl!


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