Tuesday, November 17, 2009

williamsburg & jamestown. the last stop.

well, here we are, friends...the last 2 days of our trip to washington dc. the last leg of our journey was spent in the quaint settlements of williamsburg and jamestown, virgina. these two villages have been historically preserved and the employees, restaurants and attractions are authentic to the time period, right down to what everyone wears and how they speak. i was blown away by the adorable-ness of it all and can i just say, if your name happens to be jana moffitt, this little village might just be your dream come true.

we loved visiting the old shops, admiring the horse & buggies and buying handmade soaps and presents to take home. we also ate at an authentic tavern, which was so much fun. we waited for almost an hour to get in, but the homemade food and old-fashioned atmosphere did not disappoint. being in williamsburg was like being transported back in time.

one of my favorite parts of williamsburg was going on a ghost-tour of the town after dinner one night. our cloaked guide led us through the city with her little lantern and we learned all about the creepy things that have taken place in the historic homes over the years. needless to say, i was scared and g was not.

all in all, we loved every place we visited and had an incredible week back east. our hosts, curtis & bev, were amazing and made us feel so welcome in their gorgeous home. we loved the beautiful scenery and incredible history virgina has to offer and not that it matters, but i would go back in a heartbeat. goodbye east coast. until next time...


  1. I hope we can come with you on your next time! So beautiful!

  2. Um, can't believe I haven't mentioned this before... I LOVE the way you dress. You look perfectly fall!

  3. We need to put this spot on our list of things that we need to do together. Lets plan a girls trip there when you can take some time off in the spring!I would want to move there and own a chicken! I have been quilting all day and I hear they have amazing quilts. I wonder if I was born at the wrong time? Humm


thank you for your shout outs!