Thursday, January 21, 2010

everything hurts.

in case you ever thought yoga was easy or that it was good for relaxation, but not so good for body sculpting, please let me clear the air. after two weeks of practicing at least 4 times a week for an hour, a process that has included trying to balance on my head (headstand), support the weight of my entire body with my arms (crow), and torturing my thighs by sinking deeper and deeper into warrior 1 or 2 every morning, i give you this list of things that currently hurt:

my shoulders
my upper back
my lower back
my back
my abs each time i breathe, sit up or laugh
my butt!
my inner thighs
my outer thighs
my calves
my triceps
my biceps
and finally,
my forearms (yes)

granted, i have taken yoga in the past and literally fallen asleep during class, so this might have something to do with my insanely amazing rockstar instructor, but still. and i also realize that someone who is in better shape than i am is going to read this and laugh, but friends, i didn't work out AT ALL last semester and now my muscles are punishing me for it. and the truth is, i'm loving every minute of feeling sore again even if it means i can't resist the urge to complain about it every time i move.

just for the record, i love yoga.


  1. Me too! It makes me laugh when people don't count it as exercise. Are you kidding me ?!

  2. no pain no gain right? just think of how great your muscles are going to be by the end of the semester!!

  3. *Sigh* - I love yoga too! As the instructor fabuloso in my ward says "Anyone who doesn't think it's a workout either hasn't done it or hasn't done it right". So true.

  4. Oh Jessica..this made me laugh and love you even more. you give me too much credit..your amazing and your awesome in class. hope you will continue to love it more and more each day. see you in class.


thank you for your shout outs!