Thursday, January 14, 2010

the gig is up.

after 4 years of parking illegally and paying around 30 bucks a semester to park directly outside my building (instead $125 to park on the other end of campus) i think i might finally have to give in and buy a parking pass.

and to think, this was supposed to be my bse! lame.

apparently, the bike cops have finally figured me out because i have continued to park right next to my classes and use the method that has worked for me since 2006, but instead of walking to my car after class and feeling complete triumph (as i am accustomed), i've received 2 tickets in the past 48 hours.

husband isn't pleased & he won't let me try my luck again tomorrow, even though i reminded him that my refusal to follow the rules has saved us approximately $375 of parking pass money thus far.

i'm convinced somebody must have spotted me and ratted me out, because suddenly those pesky little bike cops are on a quest to take me down & even my best hiding places aren't cutting it.

if anyone has any suggestions, please do chime in. i will feel so defeated to finally give in and hand over the cash for a legitimate pass at the very end of my college career. there has got to be another way...i just haven't thought of it yet!

the man can be so cruel.


  1. Sad! Maybe spray paint your bike camo and throw it in some bushes. Just a thought. If you do buy your own yoga mat, you can bring it home and wash it. I vote yes. Plus you can find a mat that comes in pink. Knowing that, how can you not?

  2. I actually had this problem once. I've never paid for a parking pass because I can usually either park at the institute or on the street somewhere, but once I did find the PERFECT parking place on campus that I thought was completely hidden. Evenutally, they found me and I got a hefty ticket, but give it some time and maybe they'll forget. I would say that someone probably ratted you out cause lets be honest, university cops don't care enough about their jobs to take that much of an interest. So, maybe find a different hiding place or cool it for a while? I dunno. That's what I did.

  3. No suggestions here since I've not had that experience. I do want to comment on the yoga mat (although I don't know how we got on that subject) but pink yes AND they make cute little carrying straps for your mats too! I say go for it and buy your own, then you won't have to have a dirty public one to use! It'll be worth it and you'll love having your own!

  4. Totally jealous - unlike you've i've had to pay for a parking pass every year. i'm happy someone hasn't had to though :) is it your last semester? i don't know where you park/where your class is but you can always park for free at the institute...its too far away for me though.

    hope everything is going well!! one of these days we could catch up?

  5. Bummer! i'm so sorry - your tactics were so clever too! Good luck on the whole parking pass thing - that really sucks!


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