Sunday, February 28, 2010


wearing: shade skirt, h&m black blouse, f21 tights, target heels

what i actually ended up wearing today was slightly different than this (i changed my shoes) and i also ironed my skirt after taking this picture, but here is my outfit for the day. in other news, i've realized i never have time to accessorize. i blame this entirely on the fact that i sleep through my alarm every single day. this outfit could use a belt, funky necklace or a scarf to tie it together, but i ran out of time.

off to watch the olympics with g. he is super obsessed. happy sunday.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


wearing: shade undershirt, urban outfitters blazer, urban outfitters scarf, bdg jeans, brown leather boots

hello. i'm back. and feeling much better, thanks. i didn't get a picture yesterday, but i'll try to be better from here on out. the good news is, i have yet to repeat an outfit...i don't think tops are going to be a problem whatsoever, but next week, i am going to try to wear some of the jeans i never touch.

today was a nice day. we watched the olympics in our pj's and g let me lead him in a little yoga session, which i loved. i succeeded in my goal of making him sore, which was all i really wanted to do. and bless his heart, that man is not flexible, but still very cute while trying to be. he also took me out on a date tonight, which wouldn't be a big deal normally, except that law school stuff has prevented dates for the past few weeks. i was feeling a bit lonely and a date night turned out to be just what i needed. hope you're having a good weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

seven & eight.

sorry folks, i don't have a picture for you today. but rest assured, you aren't missing much. my outfit was depressing (think black + grey) much like my day was. going to go cuddle with my husband until this storm cloud over my head blows away.

good morning.

yesterday, these pups were punks and i maybe would have sold jack to the highest bidder after he ruined my life for a solid hour, but somehow, today they are sweet again and when i saw them still in bed at almost 10:00, i couldn't help but photograph their cuteness.

according to toby, waking up is highly overrated & one should stay in bed until at least 6 or 7 pm in order to be fully rested. and jack still wants to be a model. come on kibbles in bits, throw us a bone!

ps. despite the fact that these pups look completely homeless, they just had a bath yesterday. swear.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


 wearing: bdg black legging jeans, old navy flannel shirt, red leather boots

so, this outfit is boring & i feel a little dumb even posting it, but this is honestly what i wore today. i wanted to jazz it up and maybe wear a skirt or a dress (instead of this completely typical outfit) but then i woke up and realized that 90% of my day today was going to be spent at the computer doing research for school, so i wasn't about to get all dressed up just to go nowhere. you can forgive me, right?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i've been wanting to jazz up my blog for a while, but unfortunately i don't have the right skills or programs to do it myself. luckily, wonderful jenna is a design guru and happily transformed my little blog for next to nothing.

if your looking for a face-lift of your own, i would definitely recommend her! she probably emailed me 20 proofs today alone and never complained about the billions of changes i had her make.

and seriously...her pricing is unreal. check her out here and thank you jenna!


wearing: brown shirt from forever ago, scarf from forever ago, f21 leather jacket, bdg skinny jeans, jessica simpson ankle boots

it all started when i let my hair air dry after my shower this morning. 30 minutes later i walked into the bathroom and saw this wavy madness, but decided to not to fix it & instead pretend to be rockstar for the day! cue my brown leather jacket & sky high ankle boots (that i never, ever wear) and i think i played the part quite well.

Monday, February 22, 2010

four. {my go-to outfit}

 wearing: bdg black skinny jeans, steve madden brown boots, striped f21 sweater

i wasn't able to get a good picture outside today. normally, g takes them & by the time he got home from work it was already dark, but i snapped this in the mirror before i left earlier, so i guess it will have to do.

i consider this my typical go-to outfit, which always consists of comfortable skinny jeans, a big sweater, warm socks and boots. have you noticed yet that i'm obsessed with boots? partly, i love the way they look, but also i refuse to have cold feet in the winter, so flats or high heels (that can't be worn with smart wool socks!) just wont do. i realize this makes things boring for you, though, so i will try to be more creative tomorrow & switch it up, since that's really the point of this challenge.

what does your go-to outfit consist of? maybe you can help me make mine less boring? i'd love to hear!

crooked grin.

lately, i've been missing g.

sure, he's around. sure, we live in the same house & he doesn't travel or work 20 hour days for a living, but sometimes he isn't able to be "home" when he's home. between working 50-60 hours per week and preparing law school applications & essays on the side, i don't think he's ever had so much on his plate.

in contrast, this semester has been one of the best & easiest that i've ever dealt with and i don't think i've ever had less on my plate, which leaves me wanting to spend every free moment with him & him not really having any free moments to give.

i was thinking about all of this today as i drove home from a blissful dentist appointment (seriously, it was blissful. i love my dentist visits & if you think i'm crazy, i'll be happy to tell you why) with a half numb mouth and nose. after getting a cavity filled (my first in 5 years!), i didn't yet have the ability to rub my lips together and looked ridiculous when i tried to smile or laugh. just as i exited the freeway, g called to ask how it went and when he realized that i was about to pass his office, he told me to come by for a quick visit.

naturally, i refused to come inside, so he ran out to the parking lot in his business attire, instead. for the next five minutes, he sat inside my sunny car & proceeded to make me smile and laugh from embarrasment about the way i looked, which completely reminded me of the first time we ever spoke. we were sitting in my old jetta, smiling & laughing like giddy fools who were about to fall in love. and now, here i was, almost 4 years later, embarrassed because i looked like an idiot with a crooked grin, but not able to stop smiling none the less.

moments like these are truly what make the hard days completely worth it and i love when i am reminded that regardless of what stresses we are faced with in the future, i have no doubt that we will still find a way to make each other laugh.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


wearing: max studio dress, urban outfitters belt, black tights, steve madden boots

three consecutive days of picture taking...look at that! i didn't think i would be so diligent, but taking a picture before we head out has been surprisingly easy. nothing special about this ensemble, i slept in (as usual) and had about 15 minutes to get ready. for those of you who were hoping i could provide you with fabulous, creative outfits everyday, i'm sure your beginning to see that i'm pretty predictable.

i'm off to enjoy the rest of my sunday. going to watch julie & julia (again) before i have to return it to redbox. and to those of you who couldn't care less, i promise you clothes is not the only thing i will blog about for the next 30 days.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


wearing: banana republic top, grey sweater, bdg skinny jeans, steve madden leather boots, target headband. 

today was a lazy day spent babysitting (for me) and essay writing (for g). i didn't get ready until it was time to meet family for dinner and when i did finally get ready, i put no energy into it (please see disgusting hair). i'm glad i'm doing this challenge, though, because it reminds me of things i've forgotten about, like this green blouse from banana republic that i haven't touched in at least 6 months. not sure's perfectly acceptable.

now on to more important things, today is my sweet grandpa's birthday. it's been just over a year since he passed away & we were able to meet up with my grandma at his graveside and then have dinner at his favorite restaurant tonight. even though he is no longer with me, he remains as one of the most important and influential figures in my life. i love and adore him in every way, today & always.

ps. i'm so excited about those of you who are joining me in this challenge...thanks for making it more fun! see my cute cousin's day 1 outfit here.

Friday, February 19, 2010


wearing: grey shade skirt, greyish downeast turtleneck, houndstouth scarf, black tights, red leather boots.

first things first. dear world, meet my red leather boots. i can promise you will be seeing a lot more of these suckers as they are my most prized possession. get acquainted.

now that we've covered that...i can already tell you that taking these pictures is going to be the death of me. i have never felt so akward in my life. initially, i just snapped a picture of myself in my hallway mirror, but it was pathetic and grainy & i felt like you guys deserved better, so you get my trashy backyard instead. and yah, i might always just look at the ground, because well, what am i supposed to do with my face otherwise?

nothing too special about this outfit. just wanted to be comfortable & this skirt is the most comfortable one i have. it definitely would have been better with patterned tights, but it's freezing out there & i'm not doing it!

thanks for the encouragement...i'm excited now. and for those of you who said you'd like to join, YES! PLEASE! let's see your outfits!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

30 day wardrobe challenge.

g often complains that i buy new clothes and never wear them. he always thinks i need to clean out my closet & never thinks i need anything new. so when this skirt arrived in the mail for me today (on sale from $37 to $ yah!), it sparked a little debate between the two of us as to what percentage of the clothing in my closet i actually wear.

i'll admit to having favorite pieces..we all know i'm partial to wearing my favorite jeans and boots (every single day), but i definitely think i wear my clothes often enough to warrant buying new ones every now & then!?

so in honor of this debate, i have decided to do a 30 day wardrobe challenge, in which i will try and fail miserably to wear a new outfit every single day. keeping in mind that i will definitely have to recycle jeans, shoes & other items, but i will try to switch them up somehow.

and please don't worry, i am in no way, shape or form trying to turn this into a fashion blog (if you're looking for a fashion blog, please refer to my cute friend, meg). it's simply a 30 day challenge to prove to my husband & myself that i DO in fact WEAR my clothes!

i'll try to post the results here, just to prove that i'm actually following through, but i have no idea who will take my picture, so i can't promise anything. who knows how far i'll make it. my creativity when it comes to my wardrobe can be a bit pathetic...i like what i like & i wear what i like again & again & again (i already have no confidence in myself, can you tell?).

i'll start the 30 days tomorrow, with no promise of good pictures, but i'll do my best. anyone want to join me?! i'm slightly terrified already.

ps. this is not a "hair & face" challenge, so i reserve the right to cut my hair & face out of every single picture. thank you very much.

ladies, ladies.

saw this picture in the midst of a crazy, stressful day & it made me smile, because i loved it so much. i got to spend all day last saturday with these gorgeous women and go out to dinner & a movie last night with some more of my favorite ladies. so grateful for life long friends, both old & new. and while we are on the topic of gorgeous women, why is it that pretty much every friend i have could be a super model? no fair.

so grateful to have all of you in my life. even if standing next to you in pictures is daunting!  xo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love is a battlefield.

dear husband,

did you know that you have recently developed a new favorite habit of stealing the covers off of me each night? i cannot understand why you complain about our "hot house" all day and then, when you fall asleep (which is inevitably 3 hours before i do) you consistently grab the covers and violently roll away from me in one swift motion, leaving me bare & freezing.

i try to pull them back. really i do. but husband, you are 9 inches taller than me & significantly stronger and well, sometimes you get grumpy in your sleep (did you know that already?). i'm not sure if you've noticed, but lately i've started bringing the snuggy to bed, because i've realized that with my arms in the sleeves, it's impossible for you to rip it off of me, even though you still try.

i think you are adorable, but this is getting old fast. if you insist on making me sleep without even a sheet, then i am going to insist on turning the thermostat up to 73 before i go to bed each night.


ps. how much do you love my cheesy title? that much? me too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

4th valentines day together.

we spent valentines day eve enjoying a movie, burgers and fries with some of our best friends.
that, in itself, was great & i was satisfied with our v-day festivities.

(ps. i do not enjoy this picture of myself. however, it had to be published because this is one of the only pictures i have ever taken in which i do not have red-eye. a true miracle. and now you can clearly see that my eyes are actually brown and not black.)
however on sunday, g completely surprised me with a candlelight dinner and new perfume (that he picked out all by himself, even though smelling perfumes = death in his eyes) and a gift card from my favorite store. i sort of thought he wasn't listening when i mentioned 200 times in the previous week that i needed new perfume, but apparently, he was. and apparently sending not-so-subtle hints about your gift of choice pays off. good to know.
my gift card is inside that little monster. so cute.
i love my husband.

blair weds.

ms. blair was married to her perfect match, nick, on friday. it was one of my favorite weddings i've ever been to and i'm so glad i got to be one of her bridesmaids. blair looked incredible and everyone was so relaxed and chill the entire day. one of the best parts was being with all of my friends and dancing the night away. i love my friends and we love to dance together. and just for the record, g knows that i am crazy, but i don't think he realized i was that crazy, because he looked a little mortified at times as he watched us get down from his spot against the wall. i can never resist shaking my booty in the middle of a circle when the opportunity presents itself and i think g would rather cut off his feet than do so.

all in all, a great wedding and a gorgeous bride. this woman has been one of my best friends since highschool and i am so grateful for her. i love you, boo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


dinner last night looked the same, only bigger.
a balanced diet is very important to me.
hence, the milk.


step 1:

step 2:
step 3:
step 4:
step 5:

step 6:

step 7:

deliver to friends & neighbors.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

today, i would rather be...

not that allowing the phlebotomist at my doctor's office to poke and prod me 42 times in an attempt to get some blood out of my veins isn't nice, too.
on a completely un-related note, what are you getting your lover for valentines day? any brilliant ideas you'd like to send my way? i'm wishing i was already on the ball, like last year, when i had his gift purchased, wrapped & perfected by this time. am also thinking about the fact that last year i had brown hair & bangs and should i do that again?

Monday, February 8, 2010

best valentines day.

once upon a valentines day, i was a girl who was in love with a guy named greg. i had been stalking said guy for months and obsessing over whether or not he might be stalking me too. we had been flirting relentlessly every day at work along with talking on the phone all night and texting up a storm (even though he told me that he usually didn't text. how special was i?!). i had never felt such an electric attraction to anyone in my life. an attraction that kept me thinking about him every second and trying to stifle a huge, pathetic grin every time i heard his name. we hadn't yet been out on an actual date, but that didn't stop me from insisting that i was going to marry him some day.

i wasn't sure if i'd get asked out for valentines day. i mean, i'd already decided when we were going to get married, where we would live and how many babies we would have, but i couldn't be sure about the date. after all, i hadn't yet clued him in on the fact that i was the mother of his future children, so i didn't know seriously he was taking our flirting.

when a bouquet of my favorite flowers showed up on my desk at work that day, i considered it a done deal. i spent the next few hours walking shamelessly past his office to smile at him and bat my eyes. and that was that. i had a valentine.

he picked me up that night in his freshly washed audi and we drove to market street listening to the cd that would soon become the soundtrack to our romance. the tunes that still, to this day, remind me of falling in love with him.

i could tell you what we both ordered, wore, joked about, and said, but i'll spare you those details, as i know they don't mean much to anyone but me. all that matters is that it was one of the most magical nights of my life. i sat across from him with a permanent smile on my face and knew that i was looking at the person i would spend the rest of my life with. and when he walked me up the winding staircase to the top of the restaurant and kissed me inside that glass room, i was pretty sure he knew it, too.

4 months later, there was a ring on my finger & almost 4 years later, i still feel just as in love. happy february.

ps. idea from kiersti who shared her best valentines day memory & asked us to do the same. i would love to hear yours next!


this is actually nothing compared to some of the things we've seen this little man do in his sleep (usually it's more like this), but this is the first time we've caught any of it on tape. i'm always rooting for him to catch whatever it is he is chasing. such a funny pup. we love him.

and sorry about the creepy 24 background noise. g is loving this season & i am loving g (so therefore, i watch). are you watching? can't lie, even though j bubba was named after jack bauer, i'm kind of over it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

silly husband.

g is home from work this week and i am loving it. everything is infinitely more fun with him here, but he is also throwing a wrench in my daily cleaning/housekeeping routine.

for example, yesterday, after i made our bed, i asked g to please pick up his basketball shorts. when he didn't do it right away, i asked him a couple more times (yes, i am impatient, i know). finally, he walked into the bedroom, picked up his shorts and put them on my head, like this:

and then he laughed hysterically to himself and ordered me to freeze,
so he could grab the camera. lame.

and then, today, as i hopped into the shower after yoga, i asked him if he would make the bed for me. i couldn't help but laugh after i got out of the shower and saw this.
he is such a boy, isn't he? i love having him around to make me laugh all day.