Monday, February 22, 2010

crooked grin.

lately, i've been missing g.

sure, he's around. sure, we live in the same house & he doesn't travel or work 20 hour days for a living, but sometimes he isn't able to be "home" when he's home. between working 50-60 hours per week and preparing law school applications & essays on the side, i don't think he's ever had so much on his plate.

in contrast, this semester has been one of the best & easiest that i've ever dealt with and i don't think i've ever had less on my plate, which leaves me wanting to spend every free moment with him & him not really having any free moments to give.

i was thinking about all of this today as i drove home from a blissful dentist appointment (seriously, it was blissful. i love my dentist visits & if you think i'm crazy, i'll be happy to tell you why) with a half numb mouth and nose. after getting a cavity filled (my first in 5 years!), i didn't yet have the ability to rub my lips together and looked ridiculous when i tried to smile or laugh. just as i exited the freeway, g called to ask how it went and when he realized that i was about to pass his office, he told me to come by for a quick visit.

naturally, i refused to come inside, so he ran out to the parking lot in his business attire, instead. for the next five minutes, he sat inside my sunny car & proceeded to make me smile and laugh from embarrasment about the way i looked, which completely reminded me of the first time we ever spoke. we were sitting in my old jetta, smiling & laughing like giddy fools who were about to fall in love. and now, here i was, almost 4 years later, embarrassed because i looked like an idiot with a crooked grin, but not able to stop smiling none the less.

moments like these are truly what make the hard days completely worth it and i love when i am reminded that regardless of what stresses we are faced with in the future, i have no doubt that we will still find a way to make each other laugh.


  1. I'm sorry about the husband never having time thing. I know exactly how that feels. Dan never has time because he is always studying, even when we were dating, which is why I look forward to Sundays so much.
    How can you love going to the dentist? That is seriously one of my BIGGEST fears. I hate going to the dentist... ugh.
    BTW. You two are adorable.

  2. I used to love going to the dentist! I had the same dentist from the time I started getting teeth until after I was in my 20's!! My mom's whole family went to Dr Hutchins so it wasn't unusual for us to bump into grandma and grandpa or cousins or aunts and uncles while we were there! His staff stayed the same for years and we even invited all of them to our wedding! Unfortunately he passed away but I'm sure it's because of him that I don't mind going to the dentist now :)

    I also love this post, you and g are the cutest couple! I'm so glad he found you (even though it's fun to tease that he's a cradle robber!)


thank you for your shout outs!