Tuesday, February 23, 2010


wearing: brown shirt from forever ago, scarf from forever ago, f21 leather jacket, bdg skinny jeans, jessica simpson ankle boots

it all started when i let my hair air dry after my shower this morning. 30 minutes later i walked into the bathroom and saw this wavy madness, but decided to not to fix it & instead pretend to be rockstar for the day! cue my brown leather jacket & sky high ankle boots (that i never, ever wear) and i think i played the part quite well.


  1. You are a total rockstar. I love the leather jacket and the ankle boots! Good job on wearing stuff you don't normally wear. You are so amazing!

  2. how did i miss this until day 5?? uhh love it!!

    ankle boots= win.

  3. Look pretty cute. I wish my hair looked liked that with just hair dry...I look like a soccer mom.

  4. im not going to lie, i want to steal this outfit. love it. i just dont think i can pull off the leather jacket look.


thank you for your shout outs!