Monday, February 22, 2010

four. {my go-to outfit}

 wearing: bdg black skinny jeans, steve madden brown boots, striped f21 sweater

i wasn't able to get a good picture outside today. normally, g takes them & by the time he got home from work it was already dark, but i snapped this in the mirror before i left earlier, so i guess it will have to do.

i consider this my typical go-to outfit, which always consists of comfortable skinny jeans, a big sweater, warm socks and boots. have you noticed yet that i'm obsessed with boots? partly, i love the way they look, but also i refuse to have cold feet in the winter, so flats or high heels (that can't be worn with smart wool socks!) just wont do. i realize this makes things boring for you, though, so i will try to be more creative tomorrow & switch it up, since that's really the point of this challenge.

what does your go-to outfit consist of? maybe you can help me make mine less boring? i'd love to hear!


  1. hmmm. my go to outfit at home or out? they are very different as i will wear NOTHING but sweats when i'm home. seriously. but, when i want to look and feel cute i usually go for a skirt, t-shirt tucked in, and a light cardi over. i love the look of jeans, and still do wear them, but find them to be very uncomfortable?! maybe i just haven't found the right pair?

  2. ps- in utah (in the winter) i mostly wear dresses/leggings/boots- not too far off from your attire! dresses and skirts are just so comfortable to me.

  3. i love this challenge! it's so fun to see what you have in your closet & I can't believe how wonderful you always look!

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  5. chels, i LOVE your go-to outfit & wish i was a skirt person, but i am definitely more of a jeans person.

    my body type is such that i gain most of my weight from the waist up & not on my hips/butt/thighs. for this reason, my waist has never been my best feature, so it suits me better to accentuate my legs instead. i lot of the time i feel like drawing a line across that part of my body doesn't flatter me, so i have a hard time with skirts, but i wish i could wear them better because i love them. they feel like pj's!

    ladies, chels, advice?

    ps. i don't think i own a pair of jeans that isn't comfortable, but i can remember wearing jeans in high school that were just awful. it might be because i wear them until they are molded to my body these days, but i ALWAYS make sure my jeans have plenty of spandex in them. where do you get yours? jbrand & bdg make my favorite. like i said, spandex = great jeans. and ps. the jeans i'm wearing in this picture are actually the material of leggings (only thicker) and are made to look like jeans, but don't feel like them at all.

  6. I love your sweater! Can I have it? lol. I don't think you're unoriginal at all. I love seeing all the different outfits you put boots with, because I am a nervous boot wearer and can never decide what looks good and what doesn't. So, I love it.
    I would have to say my go-to outfit would consist of a sweater, my black Aerie stretch pants, and my Ugg boots. That is just about the most comfortable thing a person can wear. For reals.

  7. I'm enjoying your challenge, at least seeing what you come up with! I think I'm going to try something like this come summer time, when I can just switch around all the different t-shirts I own. Unfortunately working from home and not participating in any kind of church event make it so I don't have to dress more then basic casual everyday, and while I'm comfortable I'm way more boring then you are! My go to outfit is definately jeans and tees...

  8. Although I just remembered I bought a new dress not too long ago for some event D had with work, I really love that dress!


thank you for your shout outs!