Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love is a battlefield.

dear husband,

did you know that you have recently developed a new favorite habit of stealing the covers off of me each night? i cannot understand why you complain about our "hot house" all day and then, when you fall asleep (which is inevitably 3 hours before i do) you consistently grab the covers and violently roll away from me in one swift motion, leaving me bare & freezing.

i try to pull them back. really i do. but husband, you are 9 inches taller than me & significantly stronger and well, sometimes you get grumpy in your sleep (did you know that already?). i'm not sure if you've noticed, but lately i've started bringing the snuggy to bed, because i've realized that with my arms in the sleeves, it's impossible for you to rip it off of me, even though you still try.

i think you are adorable, but this is getting old fast. if you insist on making me sleep without even a sheet, then i am going to insist on turning the thermostat up to 73 before i go to bed each night.


ps. how much do you love my cheesy title? that much? me too.


  1. the snuggy is a fantastic solution! i think im going to have to try that. husband of mine is the SAME way.... a little sleep grump. and uses his strength for the thievery. thanks for the suggestion!

  2. hahaha! That is too funny! At our house I can't touch D when we sleep because he is the furnace, he could sleep coverless in the freezing winter w/o a complaint! I, on the other hand, am the cover stealer at our house! Hope things get better! Thank goodness for the snuggie!

  3. Jmo when are you going to write a book?! Seriously, you have such a talent of writing and drawing me in with whatever it is! Even g pulling the covers. DO IT! I'm your biggest fan. Do I get the first autographed book when i happens?!

  4. BK is the exact same. The Snuggie sounds like a perfect solution. Better invest in one. And, I loved the title. Like I love everything you write. xoxo

  5. bahahaha - thayne does the same thing! actually he accuses me of doing the same thing. but it's a lie. he's really the one who steals the covers. i'm a blanket-collector, so thankfully we have like 8 blankets at the foot of our bed - sometimes I have to snuggle in my own blanket!

    that's so great that you live so close to sawadee. how fun! we seriously love that place - and any other place with thai food. i definitely agree we should get together. maybe lunch one day? that would be fun!

  6. Greatest post ever. Love it. And I loved having group date night with you tonight :)


thank you for your shout outs!