Monday, March 29, 2010

spring break in the sunshine.

hello! how was your weekend?

last week was spring break for me and i must say, it was a fabulous time. sleeping in doesn't suck and heading off to vegas on a whim doesn't either. jon, meg & i decided to skip out on the snow and head for the sunshine for a little getaway and we had a blast. we successfully snuck into 2 pools, won no money gambling, found $60 on the ground, decided to be honest and ask if the $60 belonged to the girls sitting nearby, were shocked when they responded with "nope" and then put ALL of the money in their purse, tried to work up the nerve to insist they split it with us, didn't work up the nerve, ate too much gelato, shopped every single day, looked at architecture with jonny, ran away from far too many drunk college students, watched drunk college students fall over at the pool at mgm, laid in the sunshine, stalked kendra wilkenson and holly madison and met hank baskett.

how was your week?

ps. i have pictures of all of this, but unfortunately, my computer isn't letting me upload them today. shame on you, computer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

23 years.

birthday weekend festivities:
  • grasshopper shake from millies
  • movie with friends
  • park city outlet shopping
  • lunch at davansas where i managed to get us a free taco!
  • g washing my car for me!
  • beautiful weather
  • long boarding and playing outside with jon & meg
  • gas station for treats
  • jon, meg & g humoring my childish ways and taking me to the park to swing. so much fun! i was in heaven...swinging is one of my favorite things to do (and yes, apparently i am 3 and not 23).
  • dinner with g at melting pot
  • almost puking after 4 course dinner at melting pot
  • g giving me a new ipod touch! (dreams really do come true!)
  • late night chick flick in bed
  • new anthro birthday dress to church
  • surprise visit from holls, luke & briggs!
  • grandma singing happy birthday on the phone
  • afternoon nap
  • dinner at ty & jennie's
  • yummy mashed potatoes and sugar cookies
  • lots of sweet emails, texts, comments and phone calls from all of you- thank you!
i had the greatest weekend and i am so excited for the new year ahead. i have a feeling that 23 is going to be my year! thanks to those of you who helped make my birthday so great, especially my sweet g, who took me to the park and happily participating in my swing acrobatics, even though it was so silly and immature. thank you, g, for loving me the way i am and for letting me be myself. i love you!

today i'm repeating an outfit!

my 30 day wardrobe challenge is officially over! i forgot to take a picture of my day 30 outfit yesterday which consisted of my new birthday dress from anthro, but oh well. thanks for playing along and giving me your feedback. i loved hearing your opinions about things and for that reason, i just might continue to post outfits every now & then. for now, i'm off to do some serious laundry!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

death. part 2.

so remember when this happened last year and i honestly thought we wouldn't make it out alive? well, that doesn't even compare to this year's battle, seeing as all of those disgusting ants have returned for world war 2 armed with WINGS!

yes people, wings! they fly.

can you think of anything worse than huge, disgusting ants with wings flying around your home?
me neither.

tonight i reached the end of my rope when i washed my face before bed and then saw a freaking ant crawl out of my nose after i finished drying off. yes! a huge flipping FLYING ANT crawled out of my nose! apparently it was chilling out on the hand towel (which it obviously flew to) and decided to crawl into my nose when i dried my face.

can someone please just kill me now, because a flying ant was in my nose and now i'd like to die.

twenty eight.

 wearing: anthro blouse, uo skinny jeans, red leather boots

here is my outfit for today. pretty simple. i had a massive test today and spent most of the day getting ready for it, so i wasn't too concerned about the way i looked. this picture made me realize that this shirt is not the most flattering in the world. i love it, but the rushing stems out from just below my chest and puffs out a bit around my belly. when you add that to the horizontal stripes, it makes me look a bit like i'm hiding a belly under there. it's relatively new, so i could still return it, but i don't know if that bothers me enough to try to find something else (it was purchased with a gift card from g)....thoughts?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

twenty seven.

wearing: shade skirt, f21 belt, brown boots, banana republic blouse, f21 leather jacket

happy st. patrick's day! i have no idea why we celebrate this holiday, but i like it! if g didn't leave for work at 6:30 am, i would have died his milk and eggs green for him, just like my mother always did. anyone know of any cool irish pubs in slc? we are thinking we want an authentic irish dinner, wouldn't that be fun?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

twenty five & twenty six.

wearing: downeast sweater, black leggings, target heels, striped blouse
 wearing: banana republic blouse, uo skinny jeans, payless flats

here are my outfits for yesterday and today. these 2 pics show what a difference heels make. unfortunately, i don't care enough about that difference to sport heels every single day. and i make no apologies for the fact that my outfits are losing creativity fast and do not include skirts or dresses. i might try to incorporate some this week, but truthfully we all know i am a jeans girl, so i'm just keeping it real!

spring has finally sprung! i am so excited! it was lovely walking around campus in the sunshine with just my light sweater. also, i love the addition of my pups in photo numero uno. what sweet little men.

Monday, March 15, 2010

cabin fever.

  • lots of time to chat 
  • good girl time with heidi, jennie & kiersti
  • cute annie crawling
  • yummy french toast with fresh french bread and strawberries
  • fresh avocado for lunch
  • not drinking as much diet coke as improvement!
  • down dog in the living room
  • building a sweet princess castle with lo's blocks
  • blowing bryan's lame princess castle out of the water
  • dancing to katy perry in the basement
  • recording the boys dancing to katy perry in the basement
  • hysterically laughing with kiersti all of saturday night
  • falling down in the kitchen due to laughing too hard
  • wearing my pajamas for 2 straight days
  • not a stitch of makeup
  • staying up til midnight just talking
  • baking brownies with kiersti and realizing we didn't have any vegtable oil
  • substituting melted butter for vegetable oil
  • eating pure butter brownies 
  • dying of a heart attack immediately after
  • g mooning me on camera while dancing to katy perry in the basement
  • stomach cramps from hell
the good far outweighed the bad. we had an awesome weekend. thanks to those of you who joined in the fun. xo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

simple pleasures.

on fridays, i student-teach at the university preschool with a few other great girls. today, we took a field trip to wheeler farm and marveled over the pigs, chickens, roosters, rabbits, cows, goats, ducks and horses. i think i had more fun just as much fun as the preschoolers. i have inherited my mom's love of chickens and certainly, her appreciation for all things beautiful and silly. a couple of us chatted about how simple pleasures like these thrill children and how it's sad that we lose that fascination as we grow. but then i remembered my mom and i knew that not all adults lose it. she still calls me from every vacation she takes to tell me about the "funny little family of birds" or the "silly ducks" she is watching at the park while my dad is in a meeting. she always takes the time to enjoy those simple things. one of the many reasons i love her.

we are headed up the mountain this weekend for a little rest, relaxation and fresh air at the cabin. my man has been one big over-worked, under-appreciated ball of stress these past few weeks and i am hoping that some time out of cell-phone range will be just what the doctor ordered. we are bringing along fabulous people and great food, so i will certainly enjoy myself. i won't be posting any outfits while we are away. just imagine leggings, husband's over sized sweaters (yup), smart wool socks, and sorel duck boots and you have my outfit for the next 3 days.

and speaking of simple pleasures...helium balloons, right? bonus points for anyone who can figure out what ryan (sitting on the couch with g) is talking about.

happy weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

twenty one.

wearing: h&m blouse (underneath), anthro blouse (on top), black legging jeans, banana republic flats

tonight we attended an awesome birthday party for our good friend. the night ended with cinnamon chocolate sheet cake and sucking the helium from balloons. some awesome videos were made in the process. good times. hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


wearing: uo blouse, downeast sweater, uo black legging jeans, black leather boots

i planned to wear this outfit with a pair of colorful flats, but quickly realized that spring isn't quite here yet and i just can't cope with cold feet. today was a good day. my parents are leaving for mexico this weekend and will be missing my birthday, so my mom took me shopping and to lunch today to celebrate. it was so much fun. i love being her only daughter.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


 wearing: f21 grey skinnies, brown boots, target sweater, scarf 

today i've been feeling a little sickly and i think my outfit reflects that. on a whim, a friend and i decided to sign up for a pilates class to take after yoga this morning, so i ended up getting home an hour later than i usually do, which left no time to get ready. in other news, i never wear this scarf because i have a hard time tying it. how do you tie square scarves?

*i accidentally skipped 15, 16, 17 and 18. whoops.

Monday, March 8, 2010

today i...

  • baked another batch of cookies.
  • spent far too many hours on the internet.
  • discovered new music.
  • blasted that music much too loudly.
  • drank a diet coke.
  • bowled 3 strikes in bowling class.
  • made a little movie of us.
  • fed the pups.
  • wondered how it is possible for toby to sleep in until 8pm and still be tired. (dear toby, are you dying?)
  • called husband and had nothing to talk about.
  • called him back and still had nothing to talk about.
  • ate an apple, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and a boiled egg for lunch.
  • screwed up my healthiness and ate a frozen burrito for dinner.
  • went to the grocery store for sick friends.
  • tried to avoid the tv and failed.
  • did a little bit of homework while watching tv.
  • went to yoga.
  • wore my yoga clothes until 6pm (including to bowling class).
  • decided to finally shower when my husband called to say he was coming home.
  • let my hair air dry after shower & put on pajamas, since it was already dinner time by then. (hence, no outfit picture. sorry, there wasn't an outfit)
it was a really productive day.

i have real classes tomorrow (not that bowling class isn't serious, because trust me, it is) so i will actually have to put on makeup and participate in life like a normal human being. get ready for an outfit. or not. either way.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

lazy sunday.

i took a little weekend break from outfit posting, so i will have to resume tomorrow. don't worry, i still haven't repeated on outfit! the challenge has been fun.

g worked until 11:30pm, 9:45pm and 8:45pm almost every night last week. we missed him and now that he is home, we are all having a hard time giving him his space.

here are some highlights from our weekend. so sad it's almost over.
  • in & out with friends and finally discovering the secret to enjoying their fries-order them extra crispy & they are perfect! who knew?
  • watching milo & otis and realizing it is quite possibly the greatest movie ever made.
  • making the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (or cookies, period) that we have ever eaten. i am loving all of the praise i'm receiving from g, who can't get enough.
  • cleaning the apartment. yes, i enjoy it enough to list it as a highlight.
  • visiting our old favorite greek restaurant & the dutch store on saturday afternoon for norwegian treats.
  • much needed trip to costco. my fridge and pantry have been barren for too long.
  • taking g to my new favorite cafĂ©. i've maybe been there 4 times since it opened and still looking for more reasons to go. anyone, anyone?
  • shopping trip for g. (why is it that i love shopping for him just as much as i love shopping for myself, but he doesn't feel the same? no fair).
  • a warm walk with the pups. we enjoyed the sunshine just before she left.
  • cold diet coke in the fridge.
  • an episode of lost on the couch.
happy lazy sunday. here's to a great week.

ps. if you didn't know g was a soccer player before, i'm sure you do now.

Friday, March 5, 2010


a few months ago, i bought some slippers on clearance from urban outfitters. like lots of winter slippers do, they had little puff balls attached.

a few weeks after i bought them, one of the puffs fell off, so i snipped off the other and gave both to the pups. toby isn't that into toys (he is more into sleeping) but jack hasn't let his puff out of his sight ever since.

everywhere jack goes, his puff goes and i had to laugh when i found him asleep today like this. in case you can't tell, the puff is nuzzled in between his two little paws, right in front of his face.

i swear this dog isn't really a dog. he kills me with his adorableness.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


 wearing: can't remember where it's from sweater dress, bdg legging jeans, brown boots.
 i'm not too excited about this outfit and i'm sure you guys won't be either. it was fast, easy & comfortable, which was what i needed. today was one of the longest days ever! so glad i got to end it at dinner with family. too bad g couldn't join. his job is so brutal right now, poor guy.
tomorrow i am half way finished with this project. not sure if i am happy or sad about that?

ps. i'm  not sure if it's the lighting, or the way i'm standing or the hand on the hip, but i feel like i look pregnant in this picture?! if so, it's a food baby {name that movie!}.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


wearing: h&m blouse (underneath), anthro blouse (on top), old navy jeans, red leather boots, red necklace

so, normally i hate old navy's jeans, but one day i tried on this pair & they fit so magically that i just had to get them. i think they were like $15, too which was a nice change since jeans are the main thing i will spend money on without thinking twice about it. and i know it's not another blast of great color, like yesterday, but the ruffles still made me feel springy.

today was a long day and i'm exhausted, not good for me since tomorrow is going to be even longer! i'm off to go watch american idol, write papers & change my nail polish (a favorite little luxury of mine) before bed. happy wednesday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


wearing: h&m blouse, urban outfitters sweater, old navy scarf, f21 jeans, black leather boots

and just when you thought i didn't own anything colorful, i whip out this! confession: this is the first time i have worn this scarf. ever. 

i bought it over a year ago for reasons i can't explain and it has sat in my closet untouched ever since. i have an issue with bright colors, for some reason. i love color and think other people look fabulous in color, but i shy away from it and am always more prone to mixing neutrals with just a pop of color here & there. today, however, i decded that i would find a way to wear this scarf, so i did what i do best...i paired it with neutrals! i think this is an easy fix if you are afraid of color, like me. downplay the rest of your outfit with neutrals until you feel more comfortable rocking the bright shades.

and that's my tip of the day that i am completely un-qualified to give. thanks for listening!

ps. see that tight curl just above the camera (stemming from my part) in this picture? i would just like to inform you that that is my pansy valaine curl, given to me by my darling grandma, miss pansy valaine. she rocks an identical one, so whenever i refrain from straightening it, we are twins. the rest of my hair is naturally wavy, but not curly like this one piece. and since my grandma says she reads my blog now, i thought i'd point it out & say i love and adore you, pansy & i'm proud to rock your curl! xoxo.

because i like this keyboard.

this is my 450th post! how in the world i have found that much blogging inspiration from this little life i lead is a complete mystery to me.

i'm currently sitting in the library killing time until my next class starts. i live approximately 3 minutes from the university and could easily drive home and kill the hour on my couch, instead, but i am far too lazy to walk all the way across campus to my car, drive home, and come back in 55 minutes (yes, i leave my house for class 5 minutes before class starts...suckas!) just to park all the way across campus and walk back. seriously. too. much. effort.

last night, i was mean to my sweet husband & have spent the entire day feeling bad about it. do you ever hate being a girl? if it wasn't for me, greg & i would never fight. and i mean, never. that man has no complaints in the world and never, ever gets mad. especially not at me. he lets 99.9% of the stupid things i do and say slide off his back and the 1% that he actually cares about is only the result of me doing something remarkably horrible and pathetic (like dropping the lid to our calphalon skillet-husband was mad). i don't know if it's just my personality or if this is universal to all girls, but i feel like i start all of our fights. and then, when it's over, all i can think about is what an idiot i am and what a saint he is for putting up with me (and even responding to and validating my crazy feelings! saint).

anyways, this makes it seem like we fight all the time. we don't. but, tonight i owe that man a huge "blah blah blah...i'm an idiot, but i love you. blah blah, i agree, girls are crazy" and i'm not really looking forward to it.

in other news, i am currently typing on a mac, which is perhaps why i am rambling on about nothing even though i can't think of a single worthwhile thing to say. i love the way these mac keyboards barely make a sound when you type on them. magical! since, g ran over my ipod with his car 2 years ago and i don't own a phone that can access the internet (i'm so deprived!) do you think i could ask for a mac for my birthday?

on another completely un-related note, recently, i've re-discovered spider solitaire (spider solitaire used to be a big deal in my life) and have managed to waste 80% of all homework time addicted to the game. i live to see those fireworks explode! i've easily mastered level medium, but am struggling like mad through level hard. has anyone out there ever won on level hard? because i don't think it's possible? four suits, people!? four!

dear g, i'm sorry i'm such a girl. i love you more than i love the exploding fireworks after winning a game of spider solitaire.

the end.

ps. it was so hard to come up for a title to this post! other ideas included: "i'm lame", "dear g, i'm lame" and "even lamer than spider solitaire". brilliant, no?

Monday, March 1, 2010


wearing: shade slub v-neck tee, houndstouth scarf, bdg legging jeans, brown leather boots

first of all, i know what you're thinking. why am i so dressed up!? where am i going?! well friends, this lovely outfit & i were on our way to an oh-so-important bowling test at school, so of course we spent lots of time in the mirror preparing before hand. and today, i didn't wear a coat. it was wonderful. 

ps. have you noticed yet that i hate to match? black boots are the obvious choice for the ensemble, but i just can't do it. for some reason, i hate to be matchy matchy (and while we're on the subject, i will forever believe that brown and black do go together). i'm weird.

pps. my hair needs to be colored and i have the largest zit known to man on my face (can you find it?). i don't feel like getting ready until these two problems have been addressed.

ppps. i got 100% on my bowling test. just in case you were wondering. i'm pretty proud.

i like norwegians.

did you know my husband is half norwegian? yes, yes, it's true. his father was born & raised in norway and although he lives in the united states now, is still a proud norwegian citizen.

g even lived in norway as a little man & used to speak norwegian fluently until he moved back to the states and had to quickly re-learn english in order to start school.

i'm convinced no one loves the olympics quite like a norwegian as g hasn't missed a single event since the games started (i would be willing to bet money that his father hasn't either). and i can't even tell you how many frantic text messages & calls i've received to "record this!" or "make sure this event doesn't get deleted!"

frantic, i tell you.

but, it's been fun & i can't complain. all this watching & cheering on team norway has somehow lead to me develop a little crush on petter northug. i maybe made g rewind a few of his interviews/events/gold medal ceremonies a few too many times.

i can't help it if i have a thing for nowegian boys!

ps. did you know he's only 24?