Thursday, March 18, 2010

death. part 2.

so remember when this happened last year and i honestly thought we wouldn't make it out alive? well, that doesn't even compare to this year's battle, seeing as all of those disgusting ants have returned for world war 2 armed with WINGS!

yes people, wings! they fly.

can you think of anything worse than huge, disgusting ants with wings flying around your home?
me neither.

tonight i reached the end of my rope when i washed my face before bed and then saw a freaking ant crawl out of my nose after i finished drying off. yes! a huge flipping FLYING ANT crawled out of my nose! apparently it was chilling out on the hand towel (which it obviously flew to) and decided to crawl into my nose when i dried my face.

can someone please just kill me now, because a flying ant was in my nose and now i'd like to die.


  1. Shut. UP!! That's the grossest thing ever!

  2. eeewwww! That is really gross! It's one of those things you will always remember now when you're drying your face! I'm sorry - but please don't die. We need you. :)

  3. Completely disgusting, they just crossed the line & must go. Wings & all.

  4. Oh my gosh!!!!! Ok, I laughed a little when I read that so I'm sorry for that. This is no laughing matter. You need to move right this second!

  5. holy shiz i would die. get those darn things killed.


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