Monday, March 1, 2010

i like norwegians.

did you know my husband is half norwegian? yes, yes, it's true. his father was born & raised in norway and although he lives in the united states now, is still a proud norwegian citizen.

g even lived in norway as a little man & used to speak norwegian fluently until he moved back to the states and had to quickly re-learn english in order to start school.

i'm convinced no one loves the olympics quite like a norwegian as g hasn't missed a single event since the games started (i would be willing to bet money that his father hasn't either). and i can't even tell you how many frantic text messages & calls i've received to "record this!" or "make sure this event doesn't get deleted!"

frantic, i tell you.

but, it's been fun & i can't complain. all this watching & cheering on team norway has somehow lead to me develop a little crush on petter northug. i maybe made g rewind a few of his interviews/events/gold medal ceremonies a few too many times.

i can't help it if i have a thing for nowegian boys!

ps. did you know he's only 24?

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  1. It's cute that he gets so excited about the Olympics. Dan is the same way, but about the USA. lol. I have a MAD crush on Michael Phelps, and I know that he's not in the winter Olympics, but I totally understand.


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