Monday, March 29, 2010

spring break in the sunshine.

hello! how was your weekend?

last week was spring break for me and i must say, it was a fabulous time. sleeping in doesn't suck and heading off to vegas on a whim doesn't either. jon, meg & i decided to skip out on the snow and head for the sunshine for a little getaway and we had a blast. we successfully snuck into 2 pools, won no money gambling, found $60 on the ground, decided to be honest and ask if the $60 belonged to the girls sitting nearby, were shocked when they responded with "nope" and then put ALL of the money in their purse, tried to work up the nerve to insist they split it with us, didn't work up the nerve, ate too much gelato, shopped every single day, looked at architecture with jonny, ran away from far too many drunk college students, watched drunk college students fall over at the pool at mgm, laid in the sunshine, stalked kendra wilkenson and holly madison and met hank baskett.

how was your week?

ps. i have pictures of all of this, but unfortunately, my computer isn't letting me upload them today. shame on you, computer.


  1. Fun! I can't believe they took the money!

  2. wow! What a fun weekend. We missed you at the cabin, but the sunshine and swimming sounds like lots more fun!

  3. wow. My week pales in comparison. I hung out with my mom during spring break. lol. I thought that was pretty awesome. haha

  4. sounds like so much fun! We escaped to St. George for the weekend - it was soo nice to get a little sun on this see-through face of mine. haha. love you. we still need to find a day when we can take puppies and briggy to the park!


thank you for your shout outs!