Monday, March 22, 2010

today i'm repeating an outfit!

my 30 day wardrobe challenge is officially over! i forgot to take a picture of my day 30 outfit yesterday which consisted of my new birthday dress from anthro, but oh well. thanks for playing along and giving me your feedback. i loved hearing your opinions about things and for that reason, i just might continue to post outfits every now & then. for now, i'm off to do some serious laundry!


  1. yay! Congratulations! I was done yesterday, so today I am wearing sweats. :) It was so much fun to see all of your outfits! You are such a cutie. Thanks for letting me participate in this with you. It was fun. Love you!

  2. I am sad you are done:( You have adorable clothes! I only wish I could get dressed in a cute outfit and wear it an entire day without spit up or mac and cheese on it. I really loved your post. I might have to copy you and try to do it myself!

  3. I LOVED this little series.. and my two favorites are side by side. The striped/ruffled Anthro top with your black jeans, and the graphic black/white tee, with the turquoise cardi over!!
    well done. you have great clothes!!


thank you for your shout outs!