Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 weeks.

that's how long ago one of g's law school study buddies received his rejection from the u. it was 3 weeks ago. and now, 3 weeks have passed and we still haven't heard a thing from them. what gives?

it's completely strange and surreal to know that you could be moving to a different state in 3 months but have no idea where you might be going. do i pack? should i start organizing? do i need to round up boxes? where on earth are we going to live?

and when friends and family ask about summer vacations, bbq's or get togethers i have to respond by saying, "we would love to! if we're still living here!"

it's weird.

g might be handling all the of the suspense a bit better than i am. he deals with stress by remaining cool, calm and collected. i am handling the suspense by baking banana muffins and ordering new earnings online. you know, doing the really important stuff. and even though i have never been so unsure in my entire life, i can't help but completely love and enjoy this time, too.

a year ago, when i was working full time while going to school, i was so unbelievably jealous of anyone who had the time to bake or take a walk or do something for themselves. i used to ask those people how it felt to "live the dream", because my life consisted of running to work and then to school and then to homework and then to bed. there wasn't much time for silliness and certainly no time for oprah.

but now i am drawing and reading and cooking dinner again and it feels so good to be reminded of who i was before life grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me forcefully into a life of responsibility. i haven't had this type of freedom, perhaps, ever, and for that reason, i am loving this little state of limbo we are stuck in. not knowing what next year or next month might bring is kind of exhilarating. i am learning to not fear the unknown and trying very hard to remind myself that, in the end, we end up where we belong.

and it really can't suck too bad, because for this short amount of time, i am finally "living the dream" too.

*picture is a result of trying to take a photo of my new earrings, which was harder than it sounds! (and for the record, i promise i will get around to getting my eyebrows done very soon. yikes)


  1. okay, i swear i am not stalking your blog... it just came up on my google reader when i was walking by, i swear!!
    love the earrings! darling!! thanks for the link love!
    also... my husband graduated from law school last summer. hardest & best three years of our life! he went to George Washington in DC. i would give anything to switch you places. it was such a blast. good luck and happy waiting! you really will end up where you belong!

  2. Love the earrings & your eyes look AWESOME in this picture!!

    Mmm...banana muffins. I think there should definitely ALWAYS be time for those. Good luck waiting!

  3. It is very weird that g hasn't heard anything from the U! I hope it's soon so that you can start making plans one way or another. I hope you stay & I am glad that you're "living the dream".
    p.s. I'm totally up for bowling - even though I know you'll kill me b/c of your awesome class this semester.

  4. i love the earrings. very cute. You're gorgeous, darling. Simply gorgeous. Good luck with the limbo thing. I really hope you find out soon so you can't stop worrying and start planning. Love you!

  5. Beautiful picture , & cute earrings!
    Live it up girl! Bake & veg and watch Oprah :)


thank you for your shout outs!