Tuesday, April 6, 2010

do you think it's a sign?

i think it's funny that when a law school in sunny san diego sent us a "yes, please come!" letter yesterday they included their average daily temperature on the first page. "65-77 degrees daily!" they proclaimed, and i wondered if they did research on us prior to find out exactly what my weaknesses are (sunshine and sand being among the first on the list).

i think it's funny that 5 minutes after i opened and read that letter (and then called g to congratulate him) it began to snow so hard that the even the sounds of "lost" on tv and a sizzling hot pizza in the oven couldn't drown out the noise on my tin roof or make the snowstorm feel magical, instead of depressing.

i think it's funny that the next morning i woke up to what seemed like 2 feet of snow on top of my car and walked with slush in my boots (and a frown on my face) all the way to yoga.

i think it's funny that when i came home afterwords and decided to try to embrace the brisk morning, my oatmeal tasted like cardboard and the milk i poured into my teapot for hot cocoa boiled over and shot out in a scalding hot rainbow arch across my kitchen.

we want to stay.
really, we do.

but doesn't "65-77 degrees daily!" sound lovely right about now?


  1. What? You're moving to cali? Very cool!

  2. no, no, not for sure...

    just a school we've been accepted to, so a possibility.

    still need to hear from lots more, but today it's so tempting.

  3. San Diego!? wow!!! I LOVE that city so so much. It's beautiful, so if you decide to move there then congrats and I will have to visit. A lot.

  4. p.s. the word verification for that comment was undies. *snickers*

  5. If this crappy weather is happening just as a sign that you need to move to socal, I'm going to be so pissed.
    But maybe THIS is a sign:
    My word verification for this comment is CALIF
    No joke.

  6. Congrats on the first big acceptance letter! (Is this the first?) I'm anxious to see where you guys end up! San Diego sounds pretty great to me right now, too.

  7. whoa- Congrats!! That is so exciting and I'm sure a huge sense of relief to just know you're going somewhere, right? I say- GO!! What a fun place to live for a couple years, and it's still so close. What could be better?
    ps- I was so excited to do my 30 outfits in 30 days posts, until I got home and realized almost HALF my clothes had been stolen:((( saddest day of my life!

  8. Thanks friends! So this is actually the 3rd acceptance so far. There has been one in Charolette, North Carolina, one in Orange County and one in San Diego. Still waiting to hear from schools in Oregon, Washington (Seattle) and of course, Utah!

    Thanks for the well wishes! Xo.

  9. Ohhhhhh...jealousy. MMM sunshine!

  10. this is DEFINITELY NOT a sign. nope. not a sign at all.

  11. CONGRATS! California sounds wonderful right now...I agree. Good luck with all the decisions in the near future! :)


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