Thursday, April 29, 2010

hello, finals.

pardon the brief absence, i'm currently buried in a pile of notes, tests, observations and portfolios to wrap up the 18 credits i took this semester.

and then, i get a whopping 3 DAYS OFF and i get to get going full force with the 22 credits i am taking this summer in order to graduate before we move.

yes people, 22. i've been known to do lots of credits in the past, but even 22 is new for me. and surprisingly, it's as much as the university will allow in a single semester, so i'm guessing i might die.

all of this effort, stress and craziness is simply so i can follow my man wherever his heart takes him this fall. all so we won't have to be apart for longer than a week or two. all so that he can have the freedom to persue his dreams- wherever those dreams might take him-with me by his side. the way it should be.

it's going to be a ton of work and like i said, i might die, but it's so worth it. i love that man, i love our life and i love our "us" and there is no where i'd rather be than where he is. i don't know the state, city or school, and all of that information is going to be thrown at me before i even have time to blink, but i'll take it and i'll go, because it means will be together.

and it also means i'll be a college grad, which is pretty rad too.


  1. wow. You go girl. I would NEVER be able to do that, so I applaud you. You're my hero.

  2. 22 credits!!!
    You're right.
    You might die...
    Just kidding, you can do it! What is your major?
    I'm sad you won't be there at Ty's preschool next year.

  3. WOW! You go Jess! You can totally do it! Good Luck!!

  4. you won't die... at least I hope not, but wow! that's a lot of credits to take. You are going to rock those credits and finish the summer a college grad - that's the best feeling ever!!

  5. thanks Jess, we think Boston is pretty awesome. :) We live in Chapel Hill which is about 2 hours North East of Charlotte. What school you looking at in Charlotte? Well I hope you decide to come here. You really wont be dissappointed and if you ever wanted to visit Chapel Hill you have a place to stay!


thank you for your shout outs!