Monday, May 3, 2010

20 percent hard, 80 percent wonderful.

i am currently wearing my pajamas and it's 4:30pm. i have been sitting at this blasted desk writing paper after paper since i woke up this morning and i basically haven't moved since.

well, actually, that's a lie. i did leave around lunch time to bring g a pbj and get a hug. for the past few months, i have been faithfully making him his lunch, and since he works up the street i purposefully "forget" to make the sandwich the night before every single day, so i can drive it up to him at noon instead. the truth is, my days are better when i get to steal him away for a whole 15 minutes while he eats his sandwich and i ramble/chat/vent/complain and laugh with him in the car. sometimes the temptation to put my foot on the gas and kidnap him is far more than i can bear.

but of course, he is far too sly to be kidnapped and duty calls, so when the clock strikes 12:15 he goes back to work and i go back to studying and life continues.

yesterday while basking in grandmotherly wisdom with my mom & christy i said to my grandma pansey, "life is so hard sometimes" and she said "life is so hard. and it is so wonderful." i think that sums things up quite nicely, don't you? between trying to figure out law school, trying to decide where to move, hoping we will find an apartment, trying to figure out how we will pay for it all, getting ready to leave a great job, wrapping up finals, figuring out insurance, preparing for 22 credits, dreading 22 credits, crying anytime someone tells us they don't want us to go, praying we make all the right decisions, hoping we will survive, hoping we choose the right place, hoping to start a family and dealing with family stresses that is how i feel right now.

life is so hard. and so wonderful.


  1. That DOES sum it up beautifully! Or, it should if you're with the right person doing the right thing :)
    And PS - we don't want you to go. But we will gladly take vacation days to come visit you wherever you end up.

  2. it's very true. I know you guys will make the right decision. We don't want you to go, but I know if that's what you feel is right, then you'll be happy. :)

  3. Jess, you're my favorite.
    As much as I don't want you to go (don't cry), I'm excited to read your blog posts about your adventures.

  4. Heaven bless the woman that inspired you (most recently) to write more. I love when you write.

    "Life is so hard. And so wonderful." I love that.


  5. okay - i am loving that you ordered a few more earrings. i LOVE the mini's! i love that they just jumped into your shopping cart all by themselves! thanks for being a fan!!! wow, those sentences were full of lots of things i love! wow.
    ps. i already shipped your order today, so next order - biggest fans get something extra. i'm not sure what, but it is going to be great!
    pss. keep me updated on the law school hunt! everything WILL fall into place. i promise.

  6. I'm pretty sure that sums up my life as well. See, this is why I read your blog. You uplift me while you're uplifting yourself. Every time you post something I just know it's going to help me with the stresses I am under. It's a win-win-win. Love you!

  7. My friends mission president summed it up beautifully when he said "The Lord writes adventurous scripts" If he didn't life would be dull and boring! Good luck with your massive credits, your potential move, and life in general! I know you'll make the right decisions for you guys because you'll follow where the spirit leads you!


thank you for your shout outs!