Monday, May 17, 2010

diary of a professional slacker.

today was the first day of summer semester, which can be better described as the first day of my last semester of college! i'm thrilled!

since i'm such a dedicated, punctual & motivated student (always!), i decided to start the beginning of the end off with a bang. i layed out my outfit, packed myself a healthy lunch, organized my binder, readied my backpack, shined my shoes and tucked myself into bed all by 9pm.

or not.

in reality, i stayed up doing a whole lot of nothing until midnight and then when my alarm went off at 6:30 am, i decided i couldn't be bothered and instead slept completely through my early morning (and very important, i might add) statistics class.

after sufficiently sleeping in and feeling a little bit guilty because of it, i pulled myself out of bed and made it to my next class, core cardio, only 15 minutes late! for the next hour i tried really hard not to faint while a drill sargent made us sprint, do ladders, lunge, crunch and jog until we all threw up on the gymnasium floor.

not really. but almost.

afterwords, i came home and washed off the buckets of sweat on my body and got ready for my last non-online class of the day. because i am such a punctual and dedicated student, i left my home promptly at 12:36...guaranteeing that i would only be 15 minutes late to my 12:35 class. how thoughtful of me, really.

but things didn't work out quite as planned, because after i'd slammed & locked the door behind me i realized that my keys were still inside.

i stood in shock for a moment marveling at the wonderful predicament i'd just put myself in and then called g for help. since he was busy at work and unable to leave, he couldn't actually do anything, but he did sit on the phone and make fun of me while i walked around our little house and tried to think of ways to break in.

finally, i decided to go bother my sweet friend mckenzie and see if she would drive me to school, but her craigy was sleeping and neither of us wanted her to wake him from his nap. at this point i was about to throw in the towel and just lay on the lawn in the sunshine for the next 5 hours, but kenz suggested i take her car instead.

after apologizing for a while, i accepted her offer and quickly drove to g's office to get a house key from him, drive back home, return her car and take mine to school.

i was an hour late and my proffessor was less than amused, but considering my track record for the day, he should have been delighted i decided to show at all.

needless to say, my last semester of college is off to a fabulous start and all of my professors love me already!


dear mom & dad, 

in case you are reading this and disappointed that you are funding such behavior, please rest assured that normally i am a perfect student. and i always go to class. every single day. and i'm never really late. i was just joking about everything. the end.


  1. oh man, what a bad way to start off. Sorry about your horrible day. On the bright side - just think how impressed your professors will be the rest of the semester with your punctuality. :)

  2. ewww unlucky day huh? thats ok. its not like im worried about you- miss smarty pants! good luck with your LAST semester. thats so awesome - im jealous

  3. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! I have done almost the SAME thing before. For some reason (can't remember why) I was switching cars with Bryan's sister at her work and bringing hers home with me. Forgetting to bring a garage door opener or house key off of my key ring with me back home. Got all the way home before I realized it. Only a 40 minute detour!!! And sadly, I've done that TWICE! PS - can I come to your core cardio class? Sounds divine!

  4. I, for one, feel that was the perfect start to your last semester.The closer you get to graduation, the more lazy you become. It's only natural. lol.

    But for real, I'm sorry you had such a stressful day. Hopefully the rest of the semester doesn't continue on this way. Love you! Good luck!

  5. You make me laugh so hard! I love you just the way you are! (from a song, I know, but it is true.)


thank you for your shout outs!